STAR of the Month April: Aoife Hughes

Dear all,

It is such an honour to be picked as STAR of the Month! Being chosen as one takes me back to that certain day in September, on which I was appointed as Program of the Case Competition – still unaware of what this event encompassed.  I was definitely excited to be picked as an Active Member, but had not the slightest idea of how this position would truly enrich me.

Fast forward eight months, and look where I am now: the RSM STAR Case Competition 2016 has only just come to an end. For these past eight months, this event and its potential have truly captivated me: at first not knowing about the world of Case Competitions, but needing to immerse myself in the entire process of attracting top business schools in participating, to assisting in convincing Case Partners to join us, and then to actually see the event come to life last week was magical.

I can definitely say it has been a rollercoaster to ensure this event came together. Me and my beloved committee needed to overcome a lot of struggles, and it demanded considerable effort and commitment from us all. Perhaps one of the most captivating components of this event is the creative freedom it entitles, as the specifics haven’t been set in stone still.  This means we’ve spent a lot of time grasping the concept of a Case Competition, as we needed to put a lot of thought into crafting our actual event in a way it expressed our motives. In this way, I actually think of the RSM STAR Case Competition as my baby.

Organising such a time-consuming event means intense collaboration with your committee. Luckily, my committee consists of very strong characters who, when coming together, get the best out of each other.  This means I have spent the last eight months with four people who all took a leap of faith and entered the rollercoaster that is the Case Competition, resulting in great memories, laughter and entertainment. Being part of my committee has opened up a lot of doors for me, as it allowed me to become more confident and extrovert, and thus dared me to step out of my comfort zone. Perhaps one of the most outstanding achievements for me is that I now pick up the phone without fear. I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments this year, and am entirely grateful for meeting such a wonderful bunch of people who made this a year to cherish.

So here I am now, starting the evaluation phase of my event. So far, we have only received positive feedback from all stakeholders of the event, and I am positive that the participants genuinely enjoyed our week. It is with actual sadness that I have to acknowledge the RSM STAR Case Competition 2016 is officially over, and that I have to move on to the next adventure. What a ride it has been: I’ve had a blast!

The recruitment for my position is already in full swing and the deadline is very near: 24th of April! I dare you to pick up where my committee left off and to challenge yourself in order to make this event reach its potential. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions!


Aoife – Commissioner of Events, RSM STAR Case Competition 2016

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