STAR of the Month January: Dion Hagenaar

Howdy everyone!

It seems like it was only yesterday when I started my student life by attending the STAR Introduction Weekend. During this weekend I met a lot of new and interesting individuals, some of which have become my closest friends with whom I still party every week. Now, almost two years later, I can say that STAR has truly been one of the key factors in making my student experience the best years of my life!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dion, a second year IBA student who currently occupies the position of Speakers at the STAR Speaker Series. Together with my partner in crime and fellow speaker, Mathijs, I am responsible to acquire, inform and contact potential speakers.

STAR offers both active and passive members a platform which they can utilize to socialize, grow and develop themselves. Especially as an active member one can attend numerous trainings, events and drinks. These diverse activities along with the ambitious and open-minded members perfectly capture STAR’s mission: ‘To enrich the life of RSM students’.

STAR’s committees are not all about the final products they deliver. The process necessary to organize the events is undeniably the most enlightening. One develops valuable communication and team work proficiencies when assigned to one of the many committees. Moreover, it is very rewarding to experience the entire process of development. Seeing my committee’s ideas becoming real and definite is my main motivator to keep pushing my limits. 

On January the 14th me and my committee are organising the first speaker series. In collaboration with the Quote, we invited two of the countries wealthiest individuals, who will be sharing each of their respective lessons learned in the path to success. Working with such renowned names truly makes me proud and I hope to see all of you next week at CB-05!

If you have any other questions regarding STAR or you just want to have a chat, feel free to shoot me a message! 🙂

Dion Hagenaar

Speaker – STAR Speaker Series

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