STAR of the Month March: Sophie Sadek

Hello fellow-STARs,

Hola mis amigos ESTRELLAs,

Thanks for the recognition as STAR of the Month! Currently, I am one of the 27 consultants of the Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP).

On September 30th 2015, the ECP Committee called me to let me know that I was selected to participate. I had no idea how big STAR was, until 3 days later: The Active Members Weekend. That weekend ECP stood for Escalation, Craziness and Partying! What a great way to get introduced to not only your fellow consultants, but also to the Board and all the different committees at STAR. From that point on, the ECP family grew closer; we organized our own activities, but also tried to join as many possible weekly drinks at Van Leeuwen (or From Lions as our international consultants call it).

ECP is a lot of fun, but it does not stop there. To be a student, walking into a company and asking them for a decent amount of money to do research requires some skills. In order to get these skills to a higher level, we went through several trainings. The trainings both STAR and ECP offered helped to take your academic knowledge and convey it in a professional way when in contact with companies. These turned out to be very useful, as the acquisition phase already started in November.

However, before the acquisition could start we needed some basic research. This pre-research phase helped in identifying high-potential markets. The preliminary research consisted of two assignments to gather some more detailed information on what opportunities these markets might offer in Peru. These assignments also turned out to be very useful in calling companies; we soon got our first meetings. The aim of these meetings was to get a proposal signed, after which we could continue with the contracts. A contract can be established once we have defined a clear research question and get the approval from our professors.

So far, the cold calling has been pretty intense; from the excitement of signing the first contract, to dialing a wrong number and having a local police department on the phone… The cherry on the sundae is that we will all travel to Peru this July to complete the field-research part of the projects we acquired for different companies.

If you have any questions left about what ECP is or what we do, feel free to walk into the T4 or T5 office where we are calling every day!


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