International Week 2016

To all the STAR members that are interested in the International Week, I’d like to start with telling you how awesome the International Week and its community is! It seems like you’re only organizing the IW Holland, but there are so many more things to it. The International Week actually consists of two very important pillars. The first one is organizing IW Holland, where you do your best to offer 20 international students the best perspective of the Netherlands, with its culture, social life and businesses. It is great to connect with so many strangers, from all over the world, who you have never met before, and see the group bonding over time. Seeing people ride a children bicycle, when the last time they did that was 10 years ago, or seeing the look on their eyes when you are going to eat on a Pancake Boat is truly amazing. You are giving the students such a good understanding of the Dutch culture, which they would never have experienced if they would only come here for holidays. The students are so open-minded and are really up for anything, which makes the week even more great. Of course, ending IW Holland with the famous International Dinner, which you have during every IW anywhere in the world, but this time on a rooftop, is the best thing you can have! 🙂

The second pilar is being able so send RSM students abroad to other International Weeks. We have given our own students the time of their lives with 20 different international students over there. It’s so great that you can both facilitate activities through organizing the IW yourself, as well as giving others the opportunity to broaden their horizon in a different country with different people. The stories we’ve collected from the students that went on an IW abroad, were all so positive and great. The International Weeks together are a community, where you meet so many people from all over the world.. In no time you have friends all over the world. After being introduced to the IW community last year, when I went to IW Uppsala, I noticed how special this concept was. I still have a lot of IW Reunions all over the world, where I can meet those special friends I have met once in my life. After participating and organizing an International Week myself, I can all tell you, the IW community is one you want to be in! I am sad IW Holland is over, but I will always be connected to the IW! I hope that you, as a reader, will get the chance to experience this yourself!

Kind regards, Danique (Chairman International Week Holland 2016)

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