STAR Academy

The STAR Academy is the learning center within STAR that offers members the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills. The level of development opportunities increases with the intensity of involvement respectively: passive members, active members and full-time active members. As a full-time member of STAR you will have the maximum opportunity to develop yourself!

Every committee member follows a personalized track which starts with filling in your own Personal Development Plan. This Plan forces you to be concious about your ambitions regarding personal learning goals. Based on these goals, STAR will make sure you receive suitable training.

Anne de Jong, who is currently organising STAR Management Week 2016 and who was part of the Activity Team 2014-2015 and IBA Study Trip Committee 2015-2016, tells about her experiences:

Anne de Jong

“The STAR academy offered me the chance to develop myself in several diverse ways. In both experiences, being a part-time active member, as well as being a full-time active member, I have experienced how valuable STAR can be in developing your personal as well as professional goals. As a part-time active member I was asked to formulate my strengths, weaknesses and goals, after which I was challenged to improve my weaknesses, further develop my strengths and therefore reach my goals. Since I am fulfilling a full-time position, this process developed even further since I am closely monitored by my committee, supervisor and buddy following the ‘Personal Development Plan’ in forms of tip-top sessions and training sessions. Within STAR I am given the opportunity to develop myself with the guidance of fellow students. This, in combination with the joy that comes along with ‘working’ at STAR can in my opinion be seen as the success factor of the STAR academy.”

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