STAR of the Month June: Anouk Masteling

Hi all,

I am so honored to be the STAR of the Month in June! At the beginning of this year I started university with my second choice study, but this year couldn’t be better! I applied to become active at STAR and got chosen to be one of the marketers of the Marketing Team.

When I started in the Marketing Team I was unfamiliar with both STAR and Rotterdam. I have been in Rotterdam a couple of times before, but most of the times I visited the shopping areas… So after the Eurekaweek I decided to join STAR as an active member, luckily I got chosen and my adventure could start.

As the Marketing Team of STAR we do some different things. We check every poster that is made by one of the committees, we help Liselotte, who is the Brand Manager of STAR, with promoting STAR and of course we have to make the most amazing yearbook for all the active members.

Throughout the year we had three promotion gifts. We have given you some tasty “stroopwafels”, some lovely valentine peppermints and last but not least some stress releasing stress balls! It was so nice to see how much you enjoyed the gifts (yes, I know we are in the Netherlands where everybody loves free stuff). Some of us came across the Valentines peppermints in some clubs in Rotterdam!!

As I am writing this we have just finished writing the yearbook!! A few months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears went in there… We had to change the design a couple of times, we had to ask everybody over and over again to deliver their input (sorry guys for stalking you so much) and we had to dig for some juicy gossip (unfortunately, nobody really wanted to gossip with us…). After finishing the yearbook, I can really say I am super proud of it and I honestly think we made a yearbook that will make sure nobody will ever forget this year! Even though nobody but the marketing team and Liselotte have seen the yearbook, it will be exciting to see and hear everybody’s reaction on it!

After this year, I can definitely say that I learned a lot at STAR! I have learned that working in a team for almost a year is harder than I thought, especially when you are working with very different people. Besides that, I have learned how to give and receive feedback. It sounds so easy, but it is important to accept and use the feedback someone gives you and that is harder for me than I thought!

After all what we did this year and everything that has happened, I am really happy that I joined STAR! I made some friends for life, I learned a lot, personally and professionally, and I got to discover Rotterdam better than just the shopping areas!

If you have any questions about the Marketing Team or about STAR, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask!

Marketer – STAR Marketing Team

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