STAR Surf Trip 2016: STAR Goes Surfing

Last year I joined the STAR Surf Trip to Loredo, Spain. I had never surfed before, but after that week I knew there were many more Surf Trips to come. In February I was accepted to the STAR Surf Trip committee and I got to meet my fellow committee members: Nienke, Ronja and Micha. It sounds cliché but we had a lot of fun while organising the trip. Last year’s Surf Trip collaborated together with Surfblend, and so did we. After a few meetings we managed to make a great deal. This meant the beginning of something a great adventure. Preparations for the trip went quite smoothly and luckily we had a great, balanced group of participants.

Friday, the 1st of July at 16:00, we all gathered at Capelsebrug waiting for our bus to arrive. The busride took 16 hours (!) and for some of us that went by without sleeping. Fortunately we had an amazing busdriver who made the journey a little more bearable. I mean, he would drive us nuts if he’d insult or threaten us all the time, right? 😉

Finally after a loooong drive, we arrived at our destination: Moliets, France. The camp was situated on the beach and had wooden sheddies where we slept in. Every single night, we did like a proud STAR member would do: ESCALATION. Something special was that, for lots of us, hangovers weren’t as bad as in the Netherlands! So that’s already one good reason to join a Surf Trip in the future ;-).

In my opinion, and I hope in the opinion of everyone else who joined, the Surf Trip is something very special. It’s not like a drinking holiday to Lloret de Mar or Cherso, it has a one of a kind vibe. You wake up at the beach with nice weather, good people around you and the only thing you have to do is RELAX. If you want to surf, go and surf. If you don’t: please don’t. Surf Trip is about experiencing the amazing surf vibe, without having to worry about emails, appointments or bills. I would all recommend you to, even if it’s only once, go on a surf vacation and experience that amazing, one of a kind vibe.

I’ve only one thing left to say: WORRIES FAR AWAY!

Kind regards, Pieter Heeren (Chairman Surf Trip 2016)

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