STAR of the Month August: Iyer Suraj

It was only 2 years ago that I myself was subject to experience university life in the Dutch environment. Everything and everyone was new to me. Nevertheless, the STAR Introduction weekend that I attended aided me in making great friends and settling into the hugely diverse atmosphere.

My name is Suraj Iyer and I’m about to be a third year International Business Administration student. I am currently organizing the STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend 2016 as the Marketing Commissioner. As marketing, I am responsible for reaching out to freshmen and making them aware of the amazing weekend that I and my committee are organizing.
At STAR, I benefited both socially and professionally. I met countless fellow STAR active members and had the opportunity to both work and party alongside them. Simultaneously, I gained quite a few technical skills by working on designing posters, flyers and banners. The tip-top sessions organized by my committee helped me recognize and improve upon my strengths and weaknesses. At STAR, I was constantly encouraged to challenge myself and reach out for ambitious targets, both personally and professionally.

In all honestly, I was sceptical about whether I would enjoy my time at STAR as it was dominated by Dutch active members. I was unsure of whether I would fit in or in fact, even feel welcome. But I have to say, I have never felt more welcome in my life. Everyone at STAR treated me as their own, and I truly felt as part of the family.

I advise all students (and especially internationals) to become an active member at STAR. If you enjoy feeling challenged, and want to become part of something big, STAR is the place for you. Yes, at times you might feel stressed or exhausted and end up panicking. But there is always someone at STAR that is willing to help. And trust me when I say that as a whole, it is one hell of an experience.

Anyways, the IBA Freshmen Weekend 2016 will take place in Renesse from the 26th to 28th of August. We expect almost all freshmen to show up so hopefully it will be a great success! Wish me and my committee luck! 😉

Suraj Iyer
Marketing Commissioner – STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend

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