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It has been more than a month ago when iCare departed to Nepal. But oh man, it has been an amazing experience! After two long flights, the group of 20 students arrived in Kathmandu where a bus was waiting for us to bring us to Thuli Besi. It was six in the morning, but the city was certainly alive; cows, cars, scooters and tuktuks everywhere. The way to Thuli Besi was also quite an adventure, not only the driving style is different in Nepal (read: a lot of honking and heart attacks), but some parts of the road were destroyed by landslides, or to slippery to drive which led to the fact that we had to walk a small part so the bus would be lighter to go uphill’s.

10 hours later we finally arrived in Thuli Besi where a 2-hour hike with our back pack was waiting for us. After this hike we finally arrived at our guest families who were already waiting for us. We received a red dot on our forehead, a scarf and beautiful flowers. The host families have been amazing through our time in Thuli Besi and we couldn’t have felt any more welcome. We have become part of their family and seeing them cry when saying goodbye after two weeks was honestly heartbreaking.

We spent the first two weeks in Thuli Besi teaching English and Mathematics at the local primary school. We ended the two weeks of teaching with a Sports day where we played games with the children such as: ‘Soccer, hide and seek, simon says, spijker poepen and several water games.’

In addition, we also did some construction work; we dug holes for toilets next to the community house. The community house was built a few years ago, due to the earthquakes. The fundament of this building is strong enough to survive earthquakes and to keep the locals safe when needed. However, the community house is also used for several activities such as dancing, cooking and workshops. Therefore, a toilet close next to the community house was needed so locals didn’t have to walk all the way back to their houses (through rice fields etc.) The digging was very energy consuming but certainly worth it! Next to the voluntary work in Thuli Besi, the locals also took us to the hot springs where we could bath. In addition, they also organized a local day for us where the villagers came together and all girls got the opportunity to wear sari’s (local dresses). After getting changed into the dresses we spent all day at the community house dancing with the locals on Nepali music.

After the two weeks in Thuli Besi we travelled to Pokhara where we finally could enjoy the luxury of a normal toilet and shower again. We visited the Peace Pagoda, went on a small boat trip and last but not least; we also went ziplining in Pokhara!

Our second stop was Bandipur, a cute little town which had the feeling of a medieval town.

Since the view was stunning, the majority of the group chose to go paragliding to see Bandipur from above.

Our last stop was Kathmandu, where we visited many temples and also the Kopan Monastery.

We also purchased 4 water filters in Kathmandu that will be brought to the people in Thuli Besi.  One of them will be placed at the primary school and the others will be used in the village. These water filters will take out the bacteria in the water.
I would like to thank all the sponsors. Without your contribution, iCare 2016 wouldn’t have been as successful. We are also really thankful for all the support that we have received from local companies for the lottery that we have organized to raise money. With your help we had the opportunity to help the people of Thuli Besi. In addition, I would like to thank the participants for being such a hardworking and amazing group. Concluding, I would like to give a big shout out to my committee members, for their commitment and hard work this year to make this possible. You have made this year amazing! If you still have any questions after reading this post, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Nhu Pham – Chairman iCare 2015-2016

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