Behind the scenes of the STAR Management Week

On February 17th all eight of us received a call with the good news: we were selected to organize the STAR Management Week 2016! With no clue of what was coming we celebrated that night in Van Leeuwen with all the other active members. We bonded as a group and after the first night we already knew a great time was a head of us.

Photo of the group the day we were selected!

As a committee we started off with a lot of kick-offs, trainings, personal development plans & a policy weekend where we ended up working from seven o’clock in the morning till 3 o’clock in the night. That weekend we planned the entire SMW. What did we want to see differently and which elements did we want to keep?

In April we were ready for the challenge! We started working on the project fulltime. Because of all the trainings & the fun nights out we had already spend together we became close friends. Therefore, the long days at the office were nothing but fun and before we knew it another day flew by.

With all the celebrations, because even the small victories deserved to be celebrated, fights over who was in charge of the music, the pranks we pulled on each other and the recoveries of the night before, the office soon turned into our home.

Supermodel Koen, Post-it attack on my computer & Mandeville building covered with Tunacan’s photo.

Being part of the STAR Management Week committee gave us great opportunities. Danique & Isabelle had meeting with a lot of successfull people from the business world. For example Daniëlle Dieben (BMW), Daan Noordeloos (Transavia) and Erik Vercouteren (KNP), who will now take part in the Customer Experience seminar.

In the past nine months we shared many great moments with each other, but we were also there for each other when things were not so great. Even though the STAR Management Week will officially start next week, for us it already began nine months ago and the SMW will be the cherry on top of the amazing time we had. I’m looking forward to what the upcoming weeks will bring and I can speak on behalf of the committee when I say that we are all extremely proud of this year’s SMW and we hope to see you wednesday next week during the opening!

Kind regards,

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