STAR Euro Trip Lisbon 2016

After months of preparation, we finally managed to load 30 people on the plane to fly to Lisbon. When we landed, we were surrounded by palm trees and 27 °C weather, quite a surprise after the perfect Dutch weather. We found our way to the hostel, which was right in the heart of the city, on one of the prettiest roads leading to the beach. The group bonding started when searching for restaurants in the Lisbon nightlife, then we headed to the Erasmus corner, which is famous for being the regular meeting point of international students. Our day was super long thanks to the time zone change and winter time, so we could enjoy extra two hours of Lisbon fun.


I think it is fair to say that next day, we had a lazy Sunday morning with strolls on the beach and delicious Portuguese pastries. In the afternoon we climbed our way up the hill to the viewpoint where the photo for our marketing campaign was taken and visited the castle on the top of Lisbon. Our dinner required a long walk throughout Lisbon but at least we have worked for our meal: the typical Portuguese steak with eggs on top. Special thanks to all the Dutchies who taught the internationals all the funny sayings, our Dutch knowledge benefited a lot from that evening. For me that night ’The monkey came out of the sleeve’.


Monday started out really early as we had to attend a lecture at Nova Business School. Despite the general tiredness, we learned about exchange rates and currencies. Our next stop was TAP Portugal. After a long walk on the premises of the company, and an even longer battle to get the projector started we learned about the company’s strategic plan and about the upcoming changes they are planning to implement (confidential information, sorry we cannot share). The highlight of the day was the visit to the hangar and the cockpit of a plane under reparation without electricity. It was true horror movie atmosphere and filled with cute conversations in business class seats. Our night ended with a pub-crawl where we raided Lisbon’s streets on Halloween.

Tuesday started out slowly, in the afternoon we went for the telecabine and had the best view of the beach and palm trees. For the guys and some adventurous girls the main event of the day was when they headed to see the Benfica – Dynamo Kiev match. Unfortunately our trip was about to end so we enjoyed our last night together with a view of the city from a rooftop bar and found the pink street.

On our last day we had the chance to visit Euronext in Lisbon and learned the basics of stock exchange. On the way back to Rotterdam our snap battles gave us cheerful vibes, but everyone was sad to leave the sunny weather and the beautiful cobblestoned streets of Lisbon. We will all miss Max’s snaps and Devin’s sunglasses. But no worries, we will see each other on Wednesdays and get nostalgic about the fun times we had in Lisbon. Thanks to all who were there, you made this trip the best.

– Orsolya Dénes, Euro Trip Committee


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