STAR of the Month November: Luca Nick

Hey guys,

Thank you very much for choosing me as the STAR of the month! I’d like to share this distinction and forward the credit to my amazing team members Kamja, Marissa and Karl who have been working hard the past couple of weeks to make the MSC AFM a success. Thank you guys!

My name is Luca and I am currently the Chairman of the Master Study Club for Accounting and Financial Management. After having done a gap year working in several positions I wanted to not just follow a Master’s degree but also take on extracurricular challenges and really get involved with my new study program. This is why I chose to apply for a Chairman position in June this year to create social and career events for our fellow master’s students and to communicate with the different stakeholders involved in the program (RSM Accounting & Controlling department, FSR, career service, program coordinator). Since the master’s programs at RSM only take one year I wanted to enlarge my personal network as soon as possible, and in that regard there is certainly nothing better than joining a study association with the size of STAR. During the different STAR activities and weekly drinks, I got to know so many different people and met a lot of (new) friends which I found really valuable and helpful. Thereby, STAR helped me not only to get acquainted with the Erasmus University and Rotterdam but also made my first weeks here a lot of fun.

So far the masters study club is going quite well, having organized two large-scale recruitment events and several smaller social activities. We are operating more or less on a project basis, meaning that we have weeks that are more quiet and having weeks that are more demanding, for example the last days before an career event. Working closely together as a team I learned a lot about communication and taking a step back to understand different perspectives, even when I’m not 100% d’accord. What is great about STAR is that you not only improve yourself through the daily operations, but that you also learn a lot from other active members that are in similar positions, e.g. the chairmen of the other Master Study Clubs. All in all, STAR offered me a great environment to improve myself, thus turning the slogan “your growth is our strategy” into reality. And if this now sounds more like a real job than fun experience to you, I can promise that partying and drinking do not fall short.
If you have any questions about how it is to be active in a Master Study Club, feel free to contact me!

Luca Nick
Chairman MSC AFM

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