Personal Development at STAR by GORTcoaching

STAR’s ambition is to focus on personal development. Therefore STAR developed the STAR Academy through which it offers all its members various trainings possibilities. Furthermore, all members of STAR committees are asked to work on their own Personal Development Plan. This is not without a reason: there is a current trend in workspace, where not only knowledge is important, but also awareness of personal skills and knowing how to implement them in work situations. GORTcoaching, a leading coaching agency, was invited to “get the committee members started”, and provided 8 workshops in personal development.

During these workshops, committee members were trained in open communication. This involvedlearning the basics of feedback and focusing on core qualities and pitfalls of themselves and their group-members. This not only comes in handy for a good collaboration during the upcoming year, but a deeper self-knowledge helps in multiple parts of life. What do you think about a job interview or when you are writing that kick-ass motivation letter?

GORTcoaching is one of the leading providers in individual and team-based coaching in the Netherlands. It has certificated coaches everywhere in the country with a wide variety of specialities to provide qualitative coaching for everyone. Coaching is very effective in developing and improving communication skills, making progress in personal development, increasing effective productivity and an overall increase of job motivation and satisfaction.

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