STAR of the Month December: Elisa de Leeuw and José Snoep

Hi fellow STAR Members!


First of all, it is a great honour to be selected as STARs of the month!

We, yes you hear it correctly for this episode of the STAR of the month both of us, José and Elisa got selected! We are the externals of the MSc BIM Board, which is STAR’s study club for the Master Business Information Management. We as the Master Study Club (MSC) aim to bridge the gap between BIM students and potential future employers. BIM students are known for their in-depth understanding of aligning business and technology together, which becomes increasingly important in this era!

Our committee consists of 4 other members, whom we could not run this MSC without. Our chairwoman, Chucky always makes sure that all of our board members are aligned and that we reach our full potential. Dan our treasurer makes sure that we never need to worry about our budget. And Shannon and Jonathon, the internals, make sure that every BIM student will be entertained and develop friendships that last through the years!

As our committee aims to bridge the gap between students and future employers, we focus on organizing recruitment events. So far we have organised several on-campus workshops with companies such as ING, Friesland Campina, KPN Consulting and Shell. We also organised the first BIM Big Four Cycle in the Groothandelsgebouw and arranged several Inhouse-days to get a better idea of the culture of offices such as those of Cisco and Accenture in Amsterdam. Organizing these events has been a great learning experience for us and we are definitely planning more events to get BIM’mers in touch with recruiters.

Concluding, if you would to grow yourself and gain practical knowledge besides your studies, it is definitely a good idea to join STAR. Not only for your own development but also to stay in touch with fellow university students, enjoy weekly drinks and great times with your board. If you have any questions regarding our experiences as the BIM externals, please feel free to reach out to us!

Thanks again,


Elisa de Leeuw & José Snoep

Master Study Club BIM 2016-2017

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