STAR of the Month January: Sara Barros das Neves

First of all, thank you very much for choosing me for the STAR of the month!

My name is Sara, I’m second year student on the Erasmus University and an active member of STAR since September! After focusing the first year of my bachelor on school, I was ready for something new. I wanted to further develop myself and do something extracurricular. In September I applied for the Ski Trip and got chosen with the best committee members Sarah, Daan and Claire. From September till December we were planning the whole trip. Designing the booklet, calling companies, promoting the trip on social media, making deals with restaurants and clubs at the destination and many more tasks. Everything went smooth except the language barrier.

We went to Le Corbier, a very small typical French village. The skiing area surrounding Le Corbier has 310km of slopes. Unfortunately there was not as many snow as we hoped for, but during the week the snow forecast was great. It was very funny that you meet all of the other Skitrippers on the slopes. After skiing we go to Osmoze (a bar) to drink some beers! One day we also organized a beer pong contest which was a great success! Almost every day we start drinking in the apartments, then go to Osmoze and last but not least we ended drunk in Club Purple. Wherever you would go, you would see someone from STAR. By the end of the week, nearly everyone knew everyone. I think the best memory of the week was KAPUTMACHEN (a drinking game in which you always get drunk).

Being the chairman of the Ski Trip, was a big responsibility. I had to coordinate everything and keep an eye on my committee members. The week itself was very fun, busy and sometimes chaotic. I have learned a lot by organizing this trip, for example being responsible, work together in a team, helping others and speaking French. Overall it was a week I will never forget. My committee and I have worked hard to make this Ski Trip a success!

I had an amazing year with STAR and I’d recommend it to everyone. I’m very glad with my committee and the board members who helped us. STAR helped me developing myself, learning the practical things and get to know a lot of other students.

Sara Barros das Neves – Chairman of the Ski Trip 2017

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