STAR of the Month February: Nadine van Amersfoorth

Hi Guys,

This time it’s my turn to be STAR of the Month. I’m glad to tell you about my experiences at STAR. Starting with the Events committee last year, where I organized the best parties. This was already a great learning opportunity and an adventure. We arranged some great parties, such as the New Years Drink at Bartender and the Opening Party at Club Vie. I really enjoyed thinking about organizing a party for all the RSM students and making it a great success.

During the year I thought about what I wanted to do next year. As I had never had any delays and still wanted to get everything out of my student life, I wanted to do something extra. Something challenging. The Erasmus Consultancy Project offered me this opportunity. Now I’m working full-time as the treasurer and travel coordinator of the ECP. I never thought that I would develop myself so much as I’m doing right now.

As a cherry on the cake I will go to Colombia for three weeks in July, with an amazing team of 25 students. I feel like I’m running my own company together with 4 others of the ECP board. Moreover, I’m getting in contact with important business people from all different kinds of companies throughout the Netherlands. Having meetings with those people in my formal suit makes me feel like the most powerful business woman haha.

I can recommend this opportunity to everyone! Do you want to know more about our project or my function in particular? I’m full-time at T4 past the social room, so don’t hesitate to step by so we can have a coffee!


Nadine van Amersfoorth – Treasurer and travel Coordinator of the Erasmus Consultancy Project Colombia 2017

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