The week of ECP: Thorsten & Philippe

Buenos dias muchachos y muchachas! We are honoured to be featured as the first ECP Blog for STAR. In this small blog we will discuss some of the most vital events that have happened last week. We are the first ones to be featured since we had a quite productive week with loads of interesting events:

Thorsten has been busy this week with following up his leads and contacts from the Lateinamerika Konferenz and the Elektrotechnik Business fair which he attended last week. He was able to talk to a lot of interesting firms with a sincere interest in Latin America. Calling people that you already met in person is a great deal easier and usually more effective. Hence, he was able to get some interesting opportunities for ECP.

On Wednesday we had a face to face meeting with a fruit company. When we planned the meeting, our contact proposed to lunch together since they have an executive chef working for their company.  At first we thought the meeting would not be that interesting since the company was already operating in Colombia. But during our meeting it turned out that they were quite interested in changing their operations there. They even brought in a recruiter to pitch their company to us and if we wanted to work in the fruit sector. So the advantage of these meetings is that you do not only sell the ECP but also yourself. The lunch was great by the way! It was really nice to taste the products of the company and it gives some affection with the company. About the contract: the company was more interested than we thought at first. So there is quite a big chance that we will be signing our first contract soon!

On Friday we had an interesting Skype meeting in which we discussed a possible participation of a German company which seems to be interested. We will stay in contact and hear back from the business development manager by mid next week. It is nice to talk to managers that are interested in the project we are doing. It was an interesting talk and we hope to be able to convince the firm in another meeting.

During the rest of the week we were busy calling and searching for leads and drinking loads of coffee to survive days from 9:00 to 17:00 at T4 or T5.

Hasta luego,

Thorsten & Philippe

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