My name is Simon! Last year I started being active at STAR in an activity team and after that the Heartbeat festival. From the beginning on, I liked the experience that STAR offered me. That is why this year I decided to apply for another committee. Currently I am responsible for the acquisition of the Race of the Classics, together with my two friends Lars and Meike.

Being a commercial is an honour, as it is one of the best functions within STAR. You are responsible for all the contact that your committee has with companies. This way, you can raise money to make your project the best one they’ve had in years! You can also ask companies to sponsor you with free stuff, I’m Dutch, I like free stuff.

The beginning of this year did not go exactly as we planned and hoped. We put a lot of time and effort into calling companies, but we did not get the results we hoped for. For a long time, we thought that we would not reach our target. After a while, we started to fear things would not work out.

However, at the beginning of February companies started to show some interest! By the beginning of march, we closed our main partner and others followed soon. This was a huge relief for us, all our hard work finally started to pay off. As the contracts flew out, the bottles of champagne flew in. As of that moment, I was very proud of the others and myself. We did it!

In my opinion, it is a great experience to become active at STAR and I would encourage everybody to apply. I improved my ability to communicate over the phone, learned how to deal with rejections, and increased my perseverance. Most important of all, I made many new friends!


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