The week of ECP: Daniëlle

Hi guys!

A few weeks have passed by, and it’s time to write another ECP update with the highlights from the past week! My name is Daniëlle and I’m the Marketing Manager of the ECP board, which means I’m working on ECP full-time at the moment.

The week started with some preparations for the ECP Alumni drink that would take place on Friday. I also sent out some emails, after which it was time for calling. Our consultants call for 20 hours a week, we as the board do so as well. I use the other 20 hours for keeping all of our channels up to date and work on the long-term strategy of the ECP.

Tuesday was another day to do some marketing activities and lots of calling. On Wednesday, we had our weekly board meeting in which we discuss all current events. After this, we had our weekly COM. This is a meeting with all consultants, professors and the board to monitor the progress and keep everyone up to date. The COM was very short, so we had some time to enjoy a drink in ‘de Smitse’. In the evening, we had dinner at ‘Vrienden Live’ with the new STAR Management Week committee.

The rest of the week was over before I knew it. I helped the research team with finding new leads, so there are plenty of companies to call again. Friday morning started with a company meeting in Rotterdam. Together with a consultant, we went to Waalhaven where the company was based. We discussed a possible collaboration, and we will hear more from this in the coming week.

During the week, I also received multiple proposals which I have to check on layout before they’re sent out to companies.

Friday evening, it was time for the ECP Alumni drink! The drink took place in ‘de Smitse’ and it was a great success, with visitors who participated up to 20 years ago!

If you ever wonder what we’re up to, you can always step by at T4 or T5.



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