Five tips for a successful job interview

For many people a job interview can be a stressful event. It is often the first opportunity, and sometimes the last, to present yourself in a positive way to a new employer. Since this is such an important first step in your career, it is good to know how to conduct a successful job interview. If you mastered this skill you will enjoy it for the rest of your (working) life. Therefore GORTcoaching gives you five tips for a successful job interview!

1. Gather information about the organisation
What is the mission of the company? What do they want to achieve? What are their priorities? Where do they stand for? With this information you can show that you’re interested in the organization. Furthermore you can use it to show that you are a perfect fit for the job.

2. Dress appropriate
If you dress very different from other people in the organization, this can cause that you are seen as an outsider and as someone who does not fit the team. The main guideline for clothing is very simple: wear clothing appropriate to the job and the company culture.

3. Tell me about yourself
It is important to be well prepared for the questions of the employer. There are some questions that you can almost guarantee that will be asked. Be prepared and practice your answers. It may be useful to remember that most questions are related with regard to your abilities for the job (skills, training and experience) or are intended to verify what type of person you are. Relate your answer as much as possible to the function.

4. Questions you should ask
The types of questions you should ask and when to ask them are parts of the interview that are most misunderstood. For example it is not convenient to talk about your needs and requirements before the company offered you the job. This can give the impression that you are only interested in money. Instead, ask questions about the responsibilities and challenges that come with the job. What would be my main responsibilities? What training do I get? What would be my first project? Once the employer offered you the job, you can negotiate on loans and general terms of employment.

5. Stay calm
Good preparation is the key to a successful job interview as it helps you to stay calm. Even if you’re feeling very nervous, make sure you act confident. Try to look your interviewer in the eye, sit up straight in your chair, speak clearly and remember to smile!

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