STAR of the Month April: Max van Soest

Hi everyone!

Ten months ago I started as the Information Processes Manager of the 39th STAR Board. So far it has been an awesome experience and I expect the coming months to be great as well. As the Information Processes Manager I’m responsible for all the IT systems, IT Strategy and Data that STAR has. Many of you might think that in order to become Information Processes Manager you need the ability to write code or have worked with IT before, none of those are true! My function mainly consists of IT project management, which differs a lot from real programming. Next to the IT I also manage the Activity Teams. Every Activity Team consists of 7 first year students which are either BA, IBA or a mixed group of BA & IBA.

My first experience with STAR was during my first year as a student. I joined one of the 3 activity teams. Where we now have Activity Team BA, IBA and Active Members it was just A, B and C back in the day (little history lesson here). The activity teams are a great way to get to know STAR and start your ‘STAR life’! From the 39th board Julie and Rik did an Activity Team in their first year just like me.

Next to the Activity Teams I manage the STAR website and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform. Both projects have a large budget and require quite a lot of time. The Erasmus Recruitment Platform is a collaboration between EFR and STAR and thus requires me to collaborate with the IT Secretary of the EFR. Last week we spent 2 days at PwC to work on the strategy for the Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

The thing that frustrates me most in the board room is when my fellow board members shout: “Max! The IT broke down again!”. Most of the times it’s just an internet cable that came loose. The secret to fixing most problems is using Google correctly. I’m amazed by the amount of information everyone is able to find with a simple search. IT has made some great advancements over the last few years and STAR is trying to adapt those advancements and make use of them in the best way possible. I’d like to encourage everyone to dive into the world of information technology because everything is possible.

If you want to have a little chat or want to know more about being the Information Processes Manager, don’t hesitate to walk by at T4-53 or send me an email!

Kind Regards,

Max van Soest

Information Processes Manager – 39th STAR Board

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