STAR of the Month May: Joost Hermans

Hey all!

I am very thankful to be chosen as the STAR of the month!

My name is Joost, I am finishing my second year of IBA and currently very busy with the preparation of my exchange to Kingston, Canada. My future looks as bright as the previous year, in which I have been Commissioner of Commercial Relations for the Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

About 14 months ago, I got involved with the amazing things STAR has to offer. For me it started with the IBA Studytrip to Vietnam. After this trip I was very keen on organizing the Eurotrip, to be part of the organization of such an amazing trip. This did not work out though, instead I ended up at the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, for which I am very grateful and feel honored

As the Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee, we started in an unorganized, start-up like culture. The first couple of months we have been determined to streamline all the processes within the Platform and the marketing around it. As a part of a ‘startup’, I have gained an incredible amount of experience in finding creative solutions, improving communication and handling the personalities of recruiters.

This year has been full of challenges and great experiences. As a part of both STAR and EFR, the amount of social activities has been unbelievable. Even for the party animals Perrine and Rutger, it has been overwhelming. Nevertheless, there have been more than enough serious activities as well. For example, company visits, network events, meetings, cold call sessions, visits at the website developer and a great commercial training at Sana Commerce.

As it is almost time to hand over our responsibilities to the to-be-recruited committee members, I can look back on a great year with lots of fun activities, committee diners and teamwork. For everyone who is thinking to join STAR or even the ERP committee (the application for the Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee is open until the beginning of June :D), I can only say: Go for it!

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