STAR of the Month July: Lorence Cramwinckel

Hi there!

My name is Lorence and I’m chair of the MSc BIM studytrip committee! Together with Mateusz Bochenczak, Gabriel Muller Adade and Rick van ’t Hof we organised the sickest trip to San Francisco – Silicon Valley. If you want to know more about the trip itself I can tell you all about it over a nice drink!

Ever since I joined the studytrip to Hong Kong in IBA 1, and later the studytrip to Bangkok in IBA 2 I really wanted to organize such a trip myself as well. This finally became reality at the beginning of this academic year, where I had the responsibility to lead the organisation of the MSc BIM studytrip. I couldn’t have been luckier to work with Mateusz, Gabriel and Rick. Without them this trip would’ve failed miserably since we have had to overcome huge obstacles this past year!

As active at STAR you get encouraged to work autonomously with your committee, and this freedom leads to great results! In addition to that, with all STAR’s resources and experience you can get a helpful push in the right direction in case you need it. As chair of the committee I had the pleasure of jumping on whatever tasks necessary to make the trip a success while making sure the other committee members could accelerate in their tasks as well. Doing this under STAR’s wings gave me the safety net I needed.

With the trip in mind, hours and hours of meetings with the most awesome people, and a past year full of challenges I can only feel happy about joining STAR. As mentioned before, in case you have questions about the trip or if you just want to know more about my experiences with STAR feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook!

– Chair out

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