STAR of the Month August: Ablo Traoré

Hi everybody!

My name is Ablo Traoré and I’ve been the marketing manager of the STAR Eurekaweek Committee for the past 7 months. Together with my enthusiastic and hard working committee members Friederike, Iris and Yorick we’ve been responsible for the promotion of STAR during last Eurekaweek.

Although I participated in the BA introduction days and joined several other STAR events, I waited for the second recruitment period to apply for a committee. This somewhat spontaneous decision has definitely been the best one of my first year at university! As an active member of STAR I got the opportunity to organize multiple big events and I was lucky to meet a lot of amazing people. In the week from the 21 st of August until the 24th it was time for us to implement all the plans we had been making since January.

Every morning of the week I woke up feeling a bit stressed about what difficulties we might had to face during the day, but every evening I went to bed feeling relieved and satisfied because everything worked out just fine.

Now the Eurekaweek is over, I can only look back feeling proud. Not only because as a committee we reached our personal and joint targets and the fact that every event went well, but also because I’ve been given the opportunity to learn so much over the past half year. Leading a group of over 40 people, organizing the faculty opening, having dinner with 600 new students, I really can’t decide what I liked most. Shortly, I’m thankful for the chances STAR has given me and I’m ready for the next challenge!

Thanks for reading my post!

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