STAR of the Month September: Milou van Mierlo

Hi everyone!

My name is Milou van Mierlo and I’m so honored to be the STAR of the month September! I’m a second-year BA student and I’ve lived in Rotterdam for almost a year now. I applied for a position in the BA Introduction Days committee in January, which was one of the best choices I have ever made!

I’ve been the chairman of the BA Introduction Days committee for about 9 months. From the beginning, I already learned so much and I quickly decided that I wanted to organize more of these events. Surprisingly, I got an opportunity to join the Lustrum committee in June. Since I like a challenge, I decided to apply for this committee too. I was chosen to be their new Program, something I didn’t expect at all! Still overwhelmed and super exited, I realized I needed to find the right way to combine these two committees.

The Introduction Days took place in the beginning of September. Together with my fellow committee members Linda, Christiaan and Thijs we tried to turn this weekend into something everybody would remember. These three days are all about teamwork and guidance, which was my responsibility. Again, I learned a lot during these three days like handling certain unexpected situations, leading and being the one who is the most responsible in the end.

Four days later the Opening Party took place, the first Lustrum event of the year. I barely got the time to recover from the Introduction Days, when the next hectic week began. Organizing this event was very informative, because you get to organize another event from another perspective. After organizing the Opening Party the differences between being Chairman and Program became even more clear to me, which made the experience even more amazing.

It took a lot of time, energy, coffee and short nights to turn ideas about these events into something real. Therefore, as I’m writing this I’m having a very bad cold, wearing a sweater and a scarf and drinking lots of tea: but it was definitely worth it!

But when I look back at the Introduction Days and the Opening Party, I can only look back feeling incredibly proud. Proud of both my committees, all the help and positive reactions and the fact that both events were a success, but also because STAR gave me the opportunity to learn so much in nine months and to meet so many great people. I’ve made friends for life, learned things about myself and most of all I’m really happy I joined STAR!


Thank you for reading my post, cheers!

Milou van Mierlo


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