STAR of the Month October: Carlijn Prins

Hi guys,

My name is Carlijn and together with Harm, Dook, Sara, Thije, Saskia, Annick and Iza, I have the honour of organizing the 31st STAR Management Week.

It is almost inevitable that you haven’t heard about the STAR Management Week yet. We have been visible with our stands on campus since September, but the committee already got formed by the end of February.

My decision to join the STAR Management Week committee was quite spontaneous; I did not know what master to do after I would finish my IBA bachelor and I also did not want to start working yet. As a result, I decided to do a full-time committee at STAR. Even though it was a spontaneous decision, it has been the best decision of the year.

As a Commissioner of Commercial relations of the STAR Management Week, my task is quite simple: get as much companies willing to participate and make sure that there is a lot of budget. Even though the task is quite clear, it was a really big challenge to contact over 500 companies in order to organize over 65 recruitment activities. However, when we achieved our acquisition target by the end of July, we were very happy and we celebrated this immediately in the “Vrienden Van”, which has become our favourite pub over the last months.

Being a part of STAR feels like being part of a warm family in which you are encouraged to take on all challenges that you meet along the way. You get a lot of freedom with respect to these challenges, which allows you to reinvent and improve existing concepts. Therefore, I would recommend each one of you to join STAR and to expand your network while working with fellow students on challenging concepts.

For now, I hope you enjoy the STAR Management Week and I’ll see you around.



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