STAR of the Month November

Hey everyone,

My name is Julian and I am the chairman of the MSC Strategic Management. With the help of Kim van Teeseling, Lisa Brämswig, David Boer and Joep de Geest, we make sure that all the students in our study program have a great time while studying at RSM and get the opportunity to develop professionally, for example though networking with companies which will (hopefully) help them to secure a job after graduation.

After serving on the board of Germany’s largest interdisciplinary student organization for two years during my time as a bachelor student, I am convinced that being active in extracurricular activities greatly enhances the study experience. Hence, I decided to apply for the chairman position of the STAR Master Study Club Strategic Management at RSM and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in quite some time. The role as chairman is super rewarding, but being part of the amazing STAR family takes the experience to a whole other level. Before I moved to Rotterdam to start my Master’s, I couldn’t have hoped for a more encouraging and supporting group of friends than the one I found at STAR.

Working with Kim, Lisa, David and Joep has brought us closer together and after having successfully organized an event, it is always great to look back at what we have accomplished. Just recently we organized a social drink for the students in our study program at a bar after a rough exam to blow off some steam. When we see our fellow students having a good time, it motivates us to work even harder to set up the next event.

I am excited to see what the next couple of months have in store for us. We already came up with some great ideas for activities and our external commissioners Lisa and David are working hard to get the companies we would like to participate on board.

I feel honored to be the STAR of the Month and to be part of the STAR family. My experience so far has been nothing short of outstanding. Being the chairman of the MSC during my Master’s studies has enriched my student life in so many ways – be it through personal connections and friendships or professional development. I can only recommend every student to seriously consider joining a committee. The rewards you receive greatly outweigh the work you put in!

All the best,


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