STAR of the Month December

Hi all,

My name is Peter Groothuis and I’m December’s STAR:) Besides that, I am a master student from Management and Innovation and a consultant for the Erasmus Consultancy Project. With the ECP we are consulting Dutch companies that want to expand to Indonesia. As a consultant it’s our job to research industries, get companies on board and fly off to Indonesia to search for opportunities. The ECP gives me the opportunity to dive into the consultancy world and validate whether this could be a possible career path for me.

This is my first year at the Erasmus and hence also my first year at Star. Before RSM I got a bachelors degree at the TU Delft and took a year off to work and travel. Although I had almost forgotten what studying was like, I decided I could do something extra and joined STAR. I figured this could be a nice way to get to know Rotterdam and the Uni better. I can already say.. it did. After some brutal nights (mainly for my liver) at the Vrienden and a committee weekend I can say I feel much more connected to the Rotterdam student/uni life.

You guys might have not seen me around as much, so I was really surprised to be STAR of the month. I have to admit, I’m feel pretty honoured. I hope to engage in some more in STAR activities and get to know more of you!


Peter Groothuis

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