STAR of the Month January

Hi everyone,

My name is Maarten and together with my fellow committee members I am organizing the Erasmus Recruitment Days 2018, the biggest on campus recruitment event in Europe. Pretty exciting right?

The day that we were chosen still feels like yesterday. We were all gathering around in the ‘Bunker’, our cozy office. From there on the ERD rollercoaster started and the end is already getting in sight. After six months of hard work, drinks, trainings and fun the opening of the ERD 2018 is almost there.

As treasurer & vice-chairman, I’m responsible for managing the budget and all contract issues with all our suppliers and clients. Regarding that, my studies Business Administration and Tax Law become very useful. Furthermore, when our lovely Pres Tess (chairman) is not in the office, I’m the one that is in charge. However, that is quite difficult with all these crazy committee mates.

The Erasmus Recruitment Days is a collaboration between EFR and STAR, which means twice as much drinks and fun. Together with Tess, it is my task to make sure that communication between the committee and both EFR and STAR is running smooth. Believe me, that can be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, being a part of the ERD is very cool and although the event hasn’t even started yet, I know for sure that I’m going to miss than when I have to start studying again.

I would really recommend you to join the next Erasmus Recruitment Days committee and hope to see you guys at the event.


Maarten de Vries

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