ECP story of Amber Ruigrok

As Commissioner of Marketing you are responsible for every outing of the ECP brand, recruitment of consultants, designing the ECP website, templates and a promotion video. Besides that I write all publications, keep track of social media activity and will capture a great year in a ECP yearbook. The function of marketing requires a creative mind as you have to come up with the best mix of channels.

As Travel coordinator you are responsible for organizing the entire trip to the chosen destination. Which means being the contact person for local stakeholders, negotiating the best deals and keeping a clear overview of the trip. Besides that I am responsible for all social activities througout the year that contribute to a positive and proffessional group atmosphere.

This board year in the ECP granted me more experience in leadership, insights in marketing and taught me the importance of being structured. It also provided me with the experience of working in an international team which was completely new for me. So far, a really valuable board year and can’t wait for the experiences yet to come!

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