ECP story of Iris Hendriks

As the Commercial Relations Manager you are responsible for the relationship management with clients from previous ECP years, potential and current clients, as well as with internal and all external stakeholders. Next to this your main responsibility will be carrying the acquisition phase of the project, which includes enabling the team to perform in their commercial role, tracking performance, take mitigation actions and motivating teams and individuals. With a diverse group that includes 14 nationalities this is challenging, yet extremely rewarding!

You will be given the opportunity to revise and create the acquisition strategy and you will ensure that all supporting systems, such as a CRM system runs smoothly and contributes to your acquisition strategy. Furthermore, you will organise trainings and workshops for the team in order to ensure everyone’s personal development.

A board year in the ECP gave me the opportunity to combine my interest in strategy consulting with fulltime board experience. During this year I have been able to develop myself on both a professional and a personal level and I been given the opportunity to work closely with- and manage an international team of bright, critical and enthusiastic student consultants.

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