ECP story of Suraj Iyer

As the Chairman of the Erasmus Consultancy Project, you will be responsible for leading, motivating, supporting, and coordinating responsibilities and tasks among the board and the consultants. You will represent the ECP towards all stakeholders, and will be responsible for managing and meeting expectations towards them. As a chairman, you will constantly be challenged to ensure that your fellow board members and consultants are motivated, and heading in the direction that suit the best interests of the project. This would mean constant revaluation of your leadership skills, and the strategic mindset that you set along with your board members! Most importantly, you will have to monitor progress, and ensure that you have a good overview of the entire project!

Choosing to do a board year in the ECP was probably one of the most challenging and exciting things that I have done in my life. During the course of the year, I have been able to fundamentally change & develop my personal values and professional skills. Managing a diverse group of potential future consultants is definitely not an easy job, but it is also very motivating, and hugely beneficial in building one’s character. Walking the journey of an ECP board member will definitely take you places in life!

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