ECP story of Tessa Hagelen

As the treasurer of the Erasmus Consultancy Project you will safeguard the financial health of the project. Your main responsibilities are the creating and maintaining the budget and managing contracts. You will closely work with many stakeholders to ensure the best budget possible that takes all financial decisions into account. You will need to think on a strategic level how the project will be shaped, since you will be the one that has the overarching view over the year. Your decisions will impact the entire year. Being a treasurer requires a disciplined and organized matter of working, you will keep the financial overview.

Being part of the ECP Board and specifically as a treasurer taught me so many skills useful for my future career. I learned how to deal with the responsibility for a large budget, critically assess expenses, be detail-oriented, say no when appropriate, manage my time in the best way, handle stakeholders, be part of a high-functioning team and lead a group in the best way.

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