Tess Nuiten about the ERD

Our committee experience started back in August. After we wrote our policy for this year’s event, we started working on the first agenda point: the acquisition. The whole committee picked up the phone and called every company they could find in our database. After a few weeks we had more than a hundred companies that were interested in participating. We had our very first feeling of achievement and we moved on to the next stage of organizing this event. All the creative ideas we came up during our policy weekend finally came alive during our promotion period. It was the first time we got to show the university what we had been working on. Revealing the theme, which was the best kept secret between the seven of us, showing off our stand and of course treating the students with promotion stunts and good food to gain as many subscribers as possible. Meanwhile, we worked hard on launching the very first Erasmus Recruitment App and all the logistics were thought out behind the scenes. After the promotion period, the most exciting part started. We worked hard to make this year’s event an even greater success than it already was. The opening became closer and the moment we had been working on was finally there. Two weeks of hard work resulted in an event that could not have been any better.

While organizing this event we learned a lot on a professional as well as on a personal level. Organising the ERD has been a great experience for all of us and it was amazing to see the committee members supporting each other at all times. In addition, we spoke with a lot of different companies, which made us realize which master we wanted to do in the future or what company we wanted to work for.

We also got the change to develop our soft and hard skills by doing different trainings offered by EFR and STAR. Besides that, we had to deal with operational struggles every company has to deal with on a daily basis. Tackling these problems with the committee gave us a lot of energy and lessons we’ll keep in mind for the rest of our life.

Our time as a full time committee member of EFR and STAR has been a rollercoaster, but we worked it out together and made an event happen which we are all very proud off. Looking back, we made friends for life and learned a lot about each other, today’s business world and ourselves. All the nerve-racking moments, jokes, opportunities, appreciation and social activities made this past months the best time we had as a student of the Erasmus University. We made the decision of applying almost a year ago and we would make the same decision over and over again…


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