Erasmus Consultancy Project

The Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP) provides you the opportunity to be the management of a student-run consultancy firm. You gain board and consultancy experience by leading a group of students in conducting tailor-made research in an emerging country. Going on for 33 years, destination countries have been amongst others Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Malaysia, Chile, Vietnam, South-Korea and Brazil.

An overview of the year

The journey starts by selecting your destination country and developing a strategy for your year. The ECP is supported by two academics from RSM, who guide all the research throughout the year. In September you are responsible for the recruitment of a group of 20-25 consultants, who you will work with for the entire year.

From October until December the team conducts initial research into the destination country. What are the general growth trends, which  industries look promising, what are cultural aspects to take into account? Together with the board and professors you decide what is most relevant to know in order to start of your acquisition phase.

From January until April the team acquires companies for whom you conduct research. This phase includes cold calling, business fairs, going on meetings with well-established firms, creating research proposals, managing all relations and looking forward to the next phase.  As the board it is your responsibility to structure and manage the acquisition phase, motivate the team and implement your own creative ideas.

Once all assignments are in, company research starts. You keep the overview of all projects, lead preparations for the field research trip in July and are involved with the actual research. You make sure everyone is on track and well prepared. For the duration of three weeks you will visit your destination country to talk to local officials, potential distributors, stakeholders and local students. During the trip there is a true work hard play hard atmosphere, with enough room for fun during the nights and weekends alongside the research.

Lastly, you are responsible for the aftercare of all projects in September. After the trip, projects are finalized and presented to companies used as a base for investment decisions. Long-term relationships are set, guided by you. Besides the aftercare, you have the opportunity to explore the amazing destination country as a tourist.

What’s in it for you

The ECP is an amazing, valuable and fun year. The ECP Board provides a unique atmosphere to improve many soft skills due to all its different aspects. You have the freedom to shape what the “company” looks like, requiring entrepreneurial and strategic thinking. Besides consultancy experience, you improve skills such as leadership, time-management, communication, networking, flexibility and motivation by working in a fast-paced team. You work with an ambitious group of students who inspire each other and who are triggered by the academic and social aspects of the projects.

Besides the valuable hard work, there is plenty of time for social activities. You will form a close bond between the board and with the consultants. Both within STAR and within the team you will organize activities to enrich the student life.

The ECP is international

The ECP board is open for international students. The project’s scope is international, as well as the consultants you recruit. It will give you the opportunity to expand your professional and social network.

Full-time compensation

The country-decision will take place starting July. You will still have time to go on a holiday in July, from August onwards the ECP requires approximately 8 hours of work per week. Starting September this goes up to 24 hours a week until December. From January onwards you will work full-time, including the field research in July. During August you have time to travel. September will require a couple of hours per week for aftercare.

It is possible to follow some courses next to your ECP year, especially in the first trimester. If you finished your bachelor, you have the possibility to some work during this same time.

STAR provides financial compensation for your study delay.



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