Lisa van Embden

Hi! My name is Lisa van Embden and I am the Project Manager Bachelor of the XLIInd STAR Board. I am 24 years old and currently living in Rotterdam. During my second year of my Bachelor of Business Administration, I joined STAR as the program for the BA Study Trip. In this committee, I was responsible for setting up a programme for a week in Hong Kong with 40 students.. We visited a lot of companies, the local university of Hong Kong and did some activities in our spare time. After this, we received so many positive reactions which made me realise I wanted to do more for STAR. So that is when I decided to apply for a position in the XLIInd STAR Board. This year has taught me a lot of different things, but I think the most important one was to find a balance between the contact I had with every committee. You want to give all of your committees equal attention.

As the Project Manager Bachelor, I am responsible for the supervision and coordination of all the bachelor committees. Besides that, it is also important to keep an eye on the personal and professional development of your Active Members. It really motivates me to see them grow so much in such a short time.
With this function, it’s very important to find the right balance between taking responsibility yourself or handing them over to one of your committees. This makes it very challenging throughout the year!

Besides the Project Manager Bachelor, I also spent this year as the Office Manager. This means I am responsible in creating and maintaining an instructional, educational and above all inspiring workplace for my fellow Board members.

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