42nd STAR Board Michiel

Michiel Colijn

Hi there! My name is Michiel, treasurer of the XLIInd STAR board. During my study Business Administration, I was always very interested in sideactivies at companies and study associations, which enriched my student life. After three years of studying, I was looking for a new challenge. During the process of planning my next year I considered multiple options like an internship, traveling and of course, a boardyear. The reason I went for a board year is the close connection to the student life, which is far more joyful than a corporate internship, the fact that you have the end responsibility for all decisions made within the organisation and the fact that you get the chance to develop a professional policy for your own year and the long term of the association. These processes, combined with all functional skills as a treasurer, made this year one of the most learningfull years of my student life. You develop personal skills in communicating your decision, you learn to discuss with fellow board members about what’s best for the association and to keep the overview when things are getting chaotic. Last but not least: you get the chance to guide the association through a year with 8 other people who, at the end, turn out to become one of your closest and most trusted friends.

As a treasurer, you are responsible for the financial continuity of the association. In practise this means you set up an association width budget, take end responsibility for all committee budgets, make and develop analysis about commercial revenues and of course costs. You develop a plan for a year which should facilitate all events and cover all core values of the association. During the year, you monitor and develop this plan based on new insights. Besides this, you are responsible for the financial administration of the association. This offers you the chance to become a pro in online administration software program Exact Online, which is also used at many other companies. Also, you get the freedom to automate and further develop your function as a treasurer, exploring new technical innovation on administrative tasks which can be useful for the association.

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