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Our Philosophy

We believe in the excellent education we receive as students of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). However, to prepare for a career in private or public management, our academic education must be developed in conjunction with an ability to apply the subject of our studies in a practical manner. Theories and models can only take us so far, and real problems demand tangible solutions, solutions that must hold up to the scrutiny of critical thinkers and employers alike. At the RSM STAR Case Society, these capabilities are developed in our members through the case-solving format, in which members are presented with an abstract problem and must develop a solution that pleases numerous stakeholders.

An Introduction

What We Do

The RSM STAR Case Society is an association that attempts to marry academic theory and practical exercise. Cases are documents written by professors or company professionals that detail a problem that a certain public organization or private company is encountering. The topics we address in our case-solving days, and are exposed to in competitions, range from finance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and from marketing to digital innovation. Cases are typically solved in teams of 4 students, in a timeframe ranging from 4 to 48 hours, and are presented to and judged by a panel of academic staff and industry professionals. During the year we host trainings and case-days that prepare our students for case competitions – usually around 6 trainings and 8 case days, per annum. These sessions are characterized by innovative ideas, holistic thinking, and constructive feedback. Members that develop and illustrate their case-solving skills are selected to compete against other world-leading business schools in international case competitions.

Why We Do It

The RSM Case Society’s activities are motivated by numerous factors. Operating on the intersection of theory and practice, we pride ourselves in helping the applicable development of our members. The most capable of us are sent abroad, free of charge, to represent the Rotterdam School of Management internationally, a huge source of personal and collective pride. Winners of these case competitions often get internships or job offers, and at the very least make some extremely valuable connections!

Although our society is competitive and academically oriented, our fellow student members are at the heart of the association. Getting along with each other is critical to our collective development, since we cannot build off one another when we are in conflict. Remembering this, we often end our case days with a couple of beers.

Compete Around the World

Past Case Competitions

Marshall International Case Competition 2019
Los Angeles, California – February 2019
Participating Team: Conrad Schoo, Nick Wilkening, Thomas Rytter & Florian Dohmen

SICC 2019
London, Canada – March 2019
Participating Team: Ron Koppers, Philip Klein, Assel Zhumatayeva & William Butler

UW Global Business Case Competition 2019
Seattle, USA – April 2019
Participating Team: Jona Duken, Olivier Van Dijk, Artus Assmann & Elisa Vlajcic

Belgrade Business International Case Competition 2019
Belgrade, Serbia – April 2019
Participating Team: Conrad Schoo, Saleh Dadkhahipour, Lennart Falkenberg & Alexandre Viana

See more past competitions

CIBCC 2014 – Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition
Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 2014
Participating (Winning) Team: Nathalie Lidman, Carsten Paßlick, Sebastiaan Scholtes & Jan Wallner

CIBCC 2015 – Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition
Koh Samui, Thailand – May 2015
Participating Team: Julian Pickartz, Alexander Smits van Oyen, Kimberly van Tongeren & Oskar Ziegle

RSM STAR Case Competition 2015
Rotterdam, the Netherlands – April 2015
Participating Team: Marc Glawogger, Alicia Kortenoever, Julian Pickartz & Alexander Boyko

Queen’s Case Competition 2015
Kingston, Canada – January 2015
Participating Team: Yenal Ersen & Sem de Koning

CBS Case Competition 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2015
Participating Team: Dennis Coppens, Alexander Smits van Oyen, André Feldhuis & Oskar Ziegler

CBS Case Competition 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2016
Participating Team: Lukas Pfaffernoschke, Sem de Koning, Benjamin Witting & Žygimantas Krupskis

The Peak Time  2016
Riga, Latvia – April 2016
Participating Team: Gustavs Upmanis, Elena Liu, Letty Huang & Anastasia Tupitsyna

Asian Business Case Competition 2016
Singapore, Singapore – August 2016
Participating Team: Marco Barbato, Sara Mobarhani, Shourya Rane & Julia Jäger

SICC 2017
Ivey Business School, Canada – March 2017
Participating Team: Sasha Tomalak, Letty Huang, Benedikt Jurges & Octavio Mota

Global Case Competition Harvard 2017
Harvard Business School, The United States – April 2017
Participating Team: Jesse Van Os, Elena Liu, Andy Alikberov, Anastasia Tupitsyna & Lorenzo Pimpinella

GBCC 2017
Seattle Foster School of Business, The United States – April 2017
Participating Team: Alex Teteryatnikov, Celine Ver, Pier Coppola & Tobias Seemann

IIBD 2017
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong – October 2017
Participating (Winning) Team: Adam Moth, Basile Rohrlich, Ben Reinitzer & Simon Måtar

RICC 2017
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands – November 2018
Participating Team: Hanna van Velzen, Jona Duken, Julia Janse & Stella Behrmann

SICC 2018
Ivey Business School, Canada – March 2018
Participating Team: Adam Moth, Julia Janse, Lennart Falkenberg & Patricia Adan

RSM STAR Case Competition 2018
Rotterdam, Netherlands – April 2018
Participating Team: Simon Måtar, Alexandre Viana, Assel Zhumatayeva & Johann Eversley

The Peak Time  2018
Riga, Latvia – April 2018
Participating (Winning) Team: Ron Koppers, Gloria Marin, Benedikt Jurges & Octavio Mota

CIBCC 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 2018
Participating Team: Hanna van Velzen, Stef Koedijk, Conrad Schoo & Henry Koopman

TUBC 2018
Bangkok, Thailand – October 2018
Participating Team: Lennart Falkenberg, Gloria Marin, Hanna van Velzen & Alexandre Viana

Münster Case Challenge 2018
Münster, Germany – November 2018
Participating Team: Saleh Dadkhahipour, Elisa Vlajcic, James Persee & Florian Dohmen

IE BBA Case Competition 2019
Madrid and Segovia, Spain – February 2019
Participating (Winning) Team: Saleh Dadkhahipour, Chloe Fleury, Luca La Porta & Mate Pocs

RSM STAR Case Society Board


Board Members

Saleh Dadkhahipour – Chairman & Treasurer

Nathan Van Den Dool – Case Competition Manager

Chloé Fleury – Marketing & Recruitment Director

Vincent Jahn – Commercial Relations Director

Artus Assmann – Events & Communication Director

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