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What is International Week?
The mission of International Week Rotterdam (IWR) is to give students the opportunity to broaden their international horizon by allowing RSM students to spend time in another country and foreign students to spend time in The Netherlands. Through exploration of the local business, educational, cultural and social life, students enhance their international experience.

International Week idea was founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland, about 26 years ago, and STAR joined this network of International Weeks a long time ago. Nowadays, during the academic year, there are roughly 24 International Weeks, providing about 40 students from RSM the opportunity to spend a week in one of the 18 countries. The overall number of International Weeks is coordinated and governed by the IWCO. For more information about the IWCO, go to

An International Week is an exchange project for international students. A number of students from all over the world are invited by students from the host university. During this week, students participate in numerous activities to get acquainted with the city, local culture, local business life, the university, and other students.

How does it work?
Would you like to go abroad for a week, meet a lot of foreign students and have an amazing time? Then you should definitely apply to go on an International Week! The hosting committee will arrange a place to sleep for you with one of the local students and they will realize a complete program for the entire week. In this week you get a taste of the typical culture, business and nightlife habits of the city and country, together with about 35 students from all over the world! Note: only 1 or 2 RSM student(s) will participate per IW. This means you will not join an IW with a group of people from RSM.

International Week destinations 2017
– Tokyo: February 5th – 19th
– Exeter: March 24th – 31st
– St Gallen (Switzerland): April 1st – 8th
– Uppsala (Sweden): May 11th – 18th
– Istanbul: May 2nd – 9th
– Warsaw: May 6th – 14th
– Indonesia: Two weeks approx. mid August
– Beijing: Approx. beginning of September
– Prague: Approx. beginning of September
– West Japan: Approx. beginning of September
– Tel Aviv: September 5th – 12th
– Helsinki: Approx. beginning of October

How much does it cost?
When you want to join an International Week all you have to pay is a contribution fee of €25,- and your own plane ticket to your destination. All programmed activities are for free and host students will provide you a place to stay during the week without any additional costs. Note: visa costs (if required) are not included.

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With how many people from STAR do we participate in an International Week?

One, just one. Hopefully you! At the location of the International Week you will meet 24 other students from all over the world who represent their country! Together you will form the International Week group! In some occasions we are able to send two students to an International Week.

If I have an exam or a mandatory workgroup during the course of an International Week, will STAR be able to arrange special permission for me to miss this exam/workgroup?

Unfortunately, STAR cannot arrange something like this with the university for you. International Week applicants must personally check their school timetables to see if they can miss any academic activities while they are participating on the International Week.

Where will I stay if I go on an International Week?

During the International Week, a host family will provide accommodation for each selected student. The organizing committee of the IW will personally arrange this host family for you. There will be no additional costs for this accommodation.

When could I subscribe for an International Week?

You can like our Facebook page to be informed of upcoming International Weeks and other IW-news! For our Facebook page, go to:
Application forms for these International Weeks will be available on our website as soon as the subscriptions are open. More information regarding each IW will be made available in due time.

What is the application procedure for an International Week?

The application procedure consists of several steps. First and foremost, you must fill in the application form on this website (this will only be available when the subscription is open for each specific IW). Keep in mind that applicants will also have to upload their CV, along with their application form. Based on these motivation letters, applicants will be called in for an interview with our committee.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to mail to!

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