Dear student,

Studying at the highest ranked management school in the Netherlands is a great privilege we all share as RSM students. In the competitive business world, this is a good start and quite the advantage. However, once here, it might appear challenging to make well-considered choices about your future. Helping you to get inspired about that future, in order to orientate in different working spheres and eventually apply to a company of your desire has been our challenge the past eight months. This is the reason we chose “Challenge Accepted” as theme of the STAR Management Week 2017.

This year we also challenged ourselves by making participation in the STAR Management Week as easy as possible. This website provides you with all information needed, as well as the opportunity to sign up online. You can sort all participating companies by multiple criteria, in order to quickly find the right match. Once selection for the events has taken place, you will be able to import your personal schedule into your Google or Apple calendar app, accessible from your smartphone!

Whether you are looking for inspiration, trying to orientate, or ready to apply for an internship; check out the entire program! We are more than happy to supply you with further information and advice on our events at our stands (T3 and C-hall).

On behalf of the STAR Management Week committee 2017
Dook Ypma


STAR Management Week committee 2017

The STAR Management Week committee consists of eight commissioners who are full time involved with the organization. They are in office from March 1st 2017 till November 30th 2017.

STAR Management Week committee 2017

Dook Ypma: Chairman

Iza Kwaaitaal: Treasurer

Carlijn Prins: Commissioner of Commercial Relations & Vice-Chairman

Harm Remeijer: Commissioner of Commercial Relations & IT-officer

Sara Barros das Neves: Commissioner of Events

Annick Touw: Commissioner of Marketing

Saskia van Marrewijk: Commissioner of Speakers

Thije van Mourik: Commissioner of Speakers