The STAR Management Week is the perfect way to get in touch with companies, visit inspiring Seminars and develop yourself through workshops and trainings. Whether you want to apply for a job or internship or when you are looking to orientate on the possibilities for your future, or just looking for some inspiration through motivational speakers, the STAR Management Week is the perfect opportunity to do so.

This year we have over 60 companies, over 65 activities and over 45 inspirational speakers.

Look through our program here:

How to subscribe

  1. Purchase your STAR Management 2017 ticket here
  2. Upload your CV both Anonymously and Non-anonymous!
  3. Select all events for the SMW you want to participate in from the Program  and “buy” them for free in the webshop
  4. You will receive your final schedule by October 20th the latest, with all events you will be participating in, both CV and non-CV activities.

We cannot stress enough the importance of uploading your anonymous CV.
We want to give all students a fair chance of participating in an event and therefore selection to be based on nothing more than merit.
So every CV uploaded HAS to be anonymous, otherwise we cannot give the CV’s to the company.

What should you leave out of your anonymous CV:

  1. Name: First name, last name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Current Address
  6. Linked-In
  7. E-Mail
  8. Twitter
  9. Phone number

What personal details are you allowed to include in your CV:

  1. Current city of residence (NO Full address)
  2. Photo

Again, if you include any of the 9 details listed on the list above, your CV will be removed from the application and the company will not receive your application for their event. You will, however, be allowed to re-upload your CV and finalize your application.








Opening Ceremony – Challenge Accepted
Business vs. Politics – Interactive Seminar
Honorary Discussions
Orientation Talks
Master for a Day
International Academic Event – Copenhagen
Corporate Games
Informal Recruitment Activities
Company Dinners
Premium Activity – Cologne
Inhouse Days
Interactive Case Solvings
International Career Event
Speed Interviews
Pitch Day

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Where do I find my personal schedule?
You will receive your schedule by e-mail before October 20th

How do I cancel my subscription for a specific activity?
If you are unable to attend an activity you signed up for, cancel your subscription here or send an e-mail to including your full name and the specific activity. There will be no consequences if cancellation happens 48 hours in advance.  If you will not be able to make it to a specific activity, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can contact a back-up candidate.

Why do I have to upload my CV anonymously?
We want to give all students a fair chance to participate based solely on merit. Therefore, we send anonymous CV’s to all participating companies. When they have selected the students they want to participate, we send them the contact details. Therefore, they do know who you are when you are participating in their event.

I have not been selected for anything, what do I do now?
It is possible recruiters have not selected you for activities. Not to worry, as you can always visit activities without CV selection such as Corporate Games. Recruiters will also be present here to meet new students. Besides that, come visit one of our Trainings and Seminars for self-education or meet us at the SMW Closing Party! It is also possible that you are selected as a back-up candidate. If another student unsubscribes from the activity, we will call you to check whether you are still available.

I subscribed and paid, but I would like to unsubscribe. Will I receive a reimbursement of the €12,50?
It is NOT possible to receive a reimbursement.

Questions concerning the activities

Where do I have to report before my activity starts?
When you have been selected for an activity, please report at our stand in T-3 half an hour before your activity starts. You will receive your nametag and will be registered in our system. There are three exeptions: if you participate at an Inhouse Day, Company Dinner or an Informal Recruitment Activity, make sure you arrive at the time mentioned in your personal schedule. The time communicated in the program booklet and on our website is the time the activity starts, including travel time.

What should I expect from a Speed Interview?
An interview is the ideal way to gain some experience into what it is like to apply for a job. You also have the chance to get to know a lot about a company. It differs per company whether interviews have an orientation purpose, or are used as a (first) selection round. It also differs whether companies are looking for interns, trainees or starters. Most companies have indicated this and this is mentioned in their company profile on our website.

What is the dress code for the event?
The dresscode will be told to you by us when we call you to check if you are attending the events. Generally, for activities such as Corporate Games, Speed Interviews, Company Dinners and Inhouse Days, you are expected to wear business attire. For Workshops without recruitment, this is not necessary. For Informal Recruitment Activities it depends on the activity. If you do not have business attire, do not worry, you can still participate! Make sure you look neat and professional; this means a shirt, proper shoes, and pants. Specific dress codes can be found in our programme booklet.

My question is not in this list, what do I do now?
Drop by the office at T4-54, by our stand in the Mandeville(T) or Theil(C) building, or send your question to, and we will send you a response as soon as possible.



STAR Management Week Events

Are you looking for Inspiration through motivational speakers?

  • Join the Opening Ceremony of the STAR Management Week 2017.  During this Seminar Pieter Zwart, Diederik Laman Trip and Kian van der Enden will share the challenges they faced and how overcoming these contributed to their success story.
  • Visit our brand new Business vs. Politics Interactive Seminar to listen to how the business world interacts with politics. Over
the past year, politics and society have undergone an enormous shift. This transition in the political landscape impacted the business environment and therefore your future work environment. That’s why this year, we offer you the opportunity to join an interactive panel discussion with several key-note speakers like Jan-Kees de Jager, Jan Peter Balkenende and Margot Scheltema, where your opinion truly counts.
  • Join the Honorary Discussions, the most exclusive academic event of the STAR Management Week. During this event, you are given the opportunity to share your vision and opinion on various daily business topics with 40 CEOs and other honorary guests during roundtable discussions.

Do you want to Orientate on the possibilities for your future?

  • Visit the Orientation Talks on Monday November 1st. You first attend company presentations to learn more about which company suits you best, after which you have drinks with recruiters and interns to ask all your questions.
  • Participate in a Corporate Game to discover more about a company’s culture.
  • Prepare yourself through a training we offer and develop your skill set.
  • Join the two-day trip to Copenhagen and visit the Copenhagen Business School and Maersk to learn about their successes regarding Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Join the Master for a Day and get to know more about your master study of interest. Attend a presentation, lecture or workshop, and a lunch with all the other (master) students to ask all your questions

Do you want to Apply for a job or internship?

  • Join the Premium Activity to Cologne on the 27th of October at INVERTO’s Headquarter. This is the chance to see how an international consultancy operates and to get a glimpse of INVERTO and consulting, through an Inhouse Day and workshop. In the evening, a fun cooking course will help you unwind and get to know INVERTO more informally.
  • Visit our International Career Event (ICE). The ICE is the event organized for international students only. This is the opportunity to meet prominent companies in Europe, who are looking for talented future graduates who strive for an international career. Buy your ticket for the Speed Interviews and visit the International Fair.
  • Participate in Inhouse Days, Company Dinners, Speed Interviews, Informal Recruitment, Interactive Case Solvings and Corporate Games. Find the description for these events below.

Corporate Game
Stand out!
Participating in a Corporate Game is the perfect way for you to explore the company of your choice by solving a challenging case. The team or student who solves the case as best, wins a prize. Are you a motivated student in the orientation-phase of your studies? Then the Corporate Game is the perfect way to stand out! Moreover, no CV-selection is required for this activity, so no previous experience is required!

Pitch Day
Mercedes-Benz, NS, ING and KPN challenge you!
The Pitch Day starts with a professional pitch training, in which you will learn how to effectively pitch yourself in front of well-established companies. Thereafter, you pitch yourself and might get the opportunity to speak to the recruiters in a one-on-one conversation. You might even find your dream job!

Inhouse Day
Explore unfamiliar territories!
Always wondered what a company looks like from the inside? During this on-site activity you will take a look behind the scenes of the company. Through presentations, workshops, real life cases, tours, lunches and social drinks, you will get to know the culture of the company in a unique way. You will get to see the day-to-day activities through personal contact with employees and, who knows, your future colleagues.

Speed Interviews
Dare to impress your future employer!
If you are interested in a certain company and you want to have a one-on-one conversation with one of their recruiters, you should subscribe for the Speed Interviews! A Speed Interview will take 15 minutes and it could be your first job interview with this company. You will elaborate on your skills and motivation and see if they fit with specific vacancies the company has to offer. Are you looking for a place to start your professional career? Then the Speed Interviews will be perfect for you!

Company Dinner
Dare to have a luxurious dinner with multiple companies!
A luxurious dinner with recruiters of various companies where you get the opportunity to ask recruiters all about their company, possible career paths and the corporate culture. This year we organise two company dinners: Multinational & Financial. You will change tables after every course, so you will have the chance to get in touch with various companies in the best ambiance. Are you an ambitious student and in the last phase of your studies? Then this could be the perfect start of your career!

Interactive Case Solving
Think different!
Have you always wanted to work on a case that employees of a company are trying to solve at the moment? Then the Interactive Case Solving is perfect for you! Companies are interested in your way of dealing with the challenges that they face within their firm. A lunch is included in this activity, thereby allowing you to also interact in an informal setting with the company.

Informal Recruitment
Dare to network!
Do you want to meet the people behind the company? Then the Informal Recruitment activities are great for you! You will get to interact with the company’s employees while doing a fun activity. You might even meet your future colleagues. This year, the Informal Recruitment activities include:

  • Cocktail workshop;
  • High tea;
  • Boattour;
  • Non-alcoholic cocktail workshop;
  • Cooking Workshop;
  • Beer tasting;
  • Escape Room.