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RSM STAR Sustainability Forum

The sustainable agenda has forced business into a revolutionary period, with the call to reengineer our business structures, strategies and stance towards sustainability.

Teaming up for Success

Cancelled: RSM STAR Sustainability Forum Wednesday 8 April 2020

UPDATE 19 March 2020: The Coronavirus situation in the Netherlands is changing quickly, and RSM has cancelled all live events until further notice. This means that we cannot host the RSM STAR Sustainability Forum on Wednesday 8 April in the Forumzaal of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The event is therefore CANCELLED.

At the moment we are unable to offer an alternative date or an alternative way of presenting sustainability ideas in the tradition of the RSM Sustainability Forum. We will issue an update with more information as soon as we can.

But RSM’s search for ways to reimagine means of doing business goes on. The RSM community is working on integrating environmental protection as part of national development agendas, aligning research with sustainability goals, and developing cross-sectoral partnerships. It is only by joining forces that we can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to help address these challenges.

If you are interested in finding more sustainability ideas from throughout the RSM community, you can find links to activities on
• RSM’s sustainability news pages
• STAR’s sustainability page

Those of you who have bought tickets for the event on 8 April will be refunded automatically.

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