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RSM STAR Sustainability Forum 2022

“Where Does Responsibility Lie?”
Thursday April 21, 9:30-15:30h


How sustainable are your habits? What role do consumer choices play in the sustainable operation of businesses? How can one make businesses more sustainable within? What role do you play in this?

These are questions that will be addressed in this years RSM STAR Sustainability Forum with the theme “Where does Responsibility Lie?”. It strives to offer a stage for speakers to share their insights, for critical discussions, and the application of some topics for students to engage. The topics that will be covered in this years edition are well-being, diversity & inclusion, consumer choices of sustainable companies, and social sustainability & community connections.

The Forum will start with inspiring talks from a number of keynote speakers on four different topics. This will be followed by a panel discussion. After a complimentary lunch and networking, the KMPG-RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award will be presented. In the afternoon, two rounds of workshops will follow, given by some of the keynote speakers. Here students get the opportunity to work on cases and engage in smaller discussions with the speaker. The day will end with some drinks and more networking opportunities. 

Morning (9:30- 12:15)

  • Opening
  • Keynote speeches
    • Bernard Gouw (B Lab)
    • Belinda Borck (Tony’s Chocolonely)
    • Anne van Valkengoed (University of Groningen)
  • panel discussions

Lunch and Networking

Afternoon ( 13:15 – 15:30)

  • KPMG Thesis Award
  • Workshops
    • Bernard Gouw (B Lab)
    • Lucien Burm (Dutch Startup Association)
  • Closing 

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The sustainable agenda has forced business into a revolutionary period, with the call to reengineer our business structures, strategies and stance towards sustainability.

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