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STAR of the Month April: Max van Soest

Hi everyone! Ten months ago I started as the Information Processes Manager of the 39th STAR Board. So far it has been an awesome experience and I expect the coming months to be great as well. As the Information Processes Manager I’m responsible for all the IT systems, IT Strategy and Data that STAR has.…

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The week of ECP: Giulio

This week I discovered what an “ECP full immersion” is, and I almost loved it. Surely opening the office at 9 AM every day, Monday to Friday was not my favorite part, but a good dose of coffee is often enough to wake my brain up and start looking for new hot leads. Result? Almost 100 new…

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Five tips for a successful job interview

For many people a job interview can be a stressful event. It is often the first opportunity, and sometimes the last, to present yourself in a positive way to a new employer. Since this is such an important first step in your career, it is good to know how to conduct a successful job interview. If you…

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