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The week of ECP: Daniëlle

Hi guys! A few weeks have passed by, and it’s time to write another ECP update with the highlights from the past week! My name is Daniëlle and I’m the Marketing Manager of the ECP board, which means I’m working on ECP full-time at the moment. The week started with some preparations for the ECP…

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STAR of the Month March: Simon van Heijst

Ahoy! My name is Simon! Last year I started being active at STAR in an activity team and after that the Heartbeat festival. From the beginning on, I liked the experience that STAR offered me. That is why this year I decided to apply for another committee. Currently I am responsible for the acquisition of…

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The week of ECP: Thorsten & Philippe

Buenos dias muchachos y muchachas! We are honoured to be featured as the first ECP Blog for STAR. In this small blog we will discuss some of the most vital events that have happened last week. We are the first ones to be featured since we had a quite productive week with loads of interesting…

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