RSM STAR Case Club

The RSM STAR Case Club is a new initiative by RSM and STAR. In the Case Club the current RSM STAR Case Competition and Case Society are combined.


RSM STAR Case Club

The RSM STAR Case Club, previously known as RSM STAR Case Society and Case Competition, attempts to bridge academic theory and practical exercise. Hence, it combines the preparation of RSM students for international case competitions, as well as the organisation of one. Our members have the opportunity to go to the most prestigious international case competition all over the world. As a result, they will not only gain case solving skills, but also acquire practical event management knowledge. 

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RSM STAR Case Competition

The RSM STAR Case Competition is a unique opportunity for twelve teams from top business schools worldwide to compete with each other by presenting their solutions to real-life business cases. Each university is represented by a team of four talented undergraduate students.

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For Members

Within the RSM STAR Case Club, we recruit, select and develop team members to become professional case solvers. We do this by inviting corporate partners, guest lecturers and organising internal case solving sessions. Ultimately, we prepare our members for international case competitions abroad. 


For Companies

The RSM STAR Case Club attempts to marry academic theory and practical exercise by training students to become expert case solvers and at the same time organise a prestigious international case solving event. In order to do so, we partner with various firms to educate our members and provide cases to international student teams. 

The RSM STAR Case Competition is a great opportunity for companies to obtain unique insights on topics relevant to your company and mission, from students attending top-ranked worldwide universities. Partners who sponsor a case will receive solutions to a corporate problem, as well as discovering new insights about potential opportunities. 

All sponsors of the RSM STAR Case Club will expose their brand to excellent students, RSM students and professors of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

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In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not here? Reach out, we are happy to help you!

What is case solving?
Good question!

Cases are documents written by professors or company professionals that detail a problem that a certain public organization or private company is encountering. The topics we address in our case-solving days, and are exposed to in competitions, range from finance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and from marketing to digital innovation. Cases are typically solved in teams of 4 students, in a timeframe ranging from 4 to 48 hours, and are presented to and judged by a panel of academic staff and industry professionals.

How can I become a Case Club member?
Are you looking for a true extracurricular challenge? Then you should be applying to become a member of the RSM STAR Case Club.

With training from celebrated professors and professionals from real consulting companies, the RSM STAR Case Society provides insight, practical experience, and develops holistic thinking skills not learned in the classroom. We are looking for the best and brightest minds to join our team of dedicated case-solvers. If you can demonstrate an aptitude for academic excellence (GPA > 7.5), and/or believe you have special insight into a particular industry.

The new recruitment period opens in September!

What are the differences between the three entities; Incoming Committee, Outgoing Committee and Executive Board?

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