RSM STAR Case Club

Are you interested in consulting? Would you like to travel abroad for competitions? Do you want to be surrounded by ambitious students with whom you will collaborate and make lifelong memories? And are you willing to commit to 3-4 events per month with the club?

Then you are a perfect fit for the RSM STAR Case Club!

An Introduction

What do we do?

Our mission is to provide consultancy training to top RSM students and win international case competitions.

We train our ambitious members to become expert case solvers through working with leading consultancies, industry professionals, and academic professors. Our members are also selected to compete against other world-leading business schools in international case competitions. Additionally, we organize our own RSM STAR Case Competition (RSMCC). For more info on the RSM STAR Case Competition, please click on button below.

Why do we do it?

We pride ourselves in helping the applicable development of our ambitious members. The most capable of us are sent abroad, mostly funded by the university, to represent the Rotterdam School of Management internationally which is a huge source of personal and collective pride. Winners of these case competitions often get internships or job offers, and at the very least make some extremely valuable connections! Overall, we want to guide you to reach your full potential professionally, academically, and socially.

Although our society is competitive and academically oriented, our fellow student members are at the heart of the association. Getting along with each other is critical to our collective development, since we cannot build off one another when we are in conflict. Remembering this, we often end our case days with a couple of beers.

Number of Wins

In the past 2 years, the RSM STAR Case Club has brought FIVE first-place wins home:

CIBCC – June 2023

Team: Nina Ljubanovic, Phoebe Nadorp, Eric Jacob, Lars Schöningh

Champions Trophy Case Competition – January 2023

Team: Nina Ljubanovic, Christian Fisch, Felix Fuhlendorf, Anton Rzaev

CBS – February 2022

Team: Anton Rzaev, Shraddha Qaundinya, Christian Fisch, Felix Fuhlendorf

AKBBC (Olivier Wyman Strategy Case) – October 2021

Team: Ties van der Linden, Anton Rzaev, Hanna Forsmann, Fabian Sauer, Natalia Szachna

Rotterdam/Carleton University International Case Competition – November 2021

Team: Moritz Reimann, Leo Espitalier Noël, Lars Schöningh, Felix Fuhlendorf


In addition, many divisional rounds were won:

ICCAM – May 2023

Team: Emilie Vassaux, Filippa Laurelii, Vincent Gerbelot, Kaspar Soukup

RSMCC – April 2023

Team: Emilie Vassaux, Vincent Gerbelot, Kosta Tosic, Paul Kopp

University of Washington Case Competition – April 2023

Team: Laurenz Gelbmann, Finja Berndt, Anton Bartholomaus, Valentino Mollard

JMUCC – February 2023

Team: Thalia Ripoll, Max Meinicke, Karla Meschkat, Jasper Rjinders

ICCAM (Short Case) – May 2022

Team: Lars Schöningh, Moritz Reimann, Nina Ljubanovic, Karla Meschkat

Past Competitions

We have attended 50+ case competitions within the last 10 years at prestigious business schools all over the world. Please see History RSM teams participating for a general overview of all competitions attended. Our most recent case competitions and achievements include:

Scotiabank International Case Competition

Ontario, Canada – March 2022
Participating Team: Djovan Hendriks, Moritz Kolarik, Adrian Sommerkamp, Luis Spano

Heavener International Case Competition

Florida, USA – March 2022
Participating Team: Felix Bracht, Lena Günter, Janna Langerbeins, Ayelen de Wit

John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition 

Montreal, Canada – March 2022
Participating Team: Nina Ljubanovic, Phoebe Nadorp, Moritz Reimann, Lars Schöning

CBS Invitational Case Competition

Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2022
Participating Team: Christian Fisch, Felix Fuhlendorf, Shraddha Qaundinya, Anton Rzaev

Milgard Invitational Case Competition (MICC)

Tacoma, Washington – February 2022
Participating Team: Maximilian Meinicke, Karla Meschkat, Jin-Kyu Noack, Jasper Rijnders

CBS Global Case Competition

Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2022
Participating Team: Valentin Kellerman, Julius Kistner, Karlo Maloča, Luuk Pessers

BI International Case Competition (BICC)

Oslo, Norway – February 2022
Participating Team: Eric Jacob, Basin Lienkamp, Ties van der Linden, Alexis von Roenne

University of Technology Sydney Global Case Competition

Sydney, Australia- November 2021
Participating Team: Christian Fisch, Benjamin Gabrovic, Dorotea Igrec, Nina Ljubanovic

Arbeitskreisbörse Business Case Competition *Winner of Oliver Wyman Case*

Mannheim, Germany – October 2021
Participating Team: Hanna Forsmann, Ties van der Linden, Alexis von Roenne, Anton Rzaev, Fabian Sauer, Natalia Szachna

Rotterdam/Carleton University International Case Competition *Winner of Competition*

Rotterdam, Netherlands – October 2021
Participating Team: Felix Fuhlendorf, Leo Espitalier Noël, Moritz Reimann, Lars Schöningh

Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition

Chulalongkorn, Thailand – May 2021
Participating Team: Vincent Jahn, Matvei Fatin, Christian Fisch, Alexis von Roenne

UW Global Business Case Competition *2nd Place*

Washington, USA – April 2021
Participating Team: Malte Gocha, Chloe Fleury, Lars Schöningh, Nina Ljubanovic

RSM STAR Case Competition *Finalist*

Rotterdam, the Netherlands – April 2021
Participating Team: Anton Rzaev, Leonie Schmidt, Moritz Reimann, Lena Günter

Central European Case Competition *Third Place*

Budapest, Hungary – April 2021
Participating Team: Artus Assmann, Felix Fuhlendorf, Felix Bracht, and Ties van der Linden

Scotiabank International Case Competition *Winner of Competition*
RSM Article on Win here

Ontario, Canada – March 2021
Participating Team: Lars Schöningh, Moritz Reimann, Ties van der Linden, Anton Rzaev

John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition

Montreal, Canada – February/March 2021
Participating Team: Vincent Jahn, Alexander Rasche, Malte Gocha, Maximilian Meisel

Case iT  *Winner of Competition*
RSM Article on Win here

Burnaby, Canada – February 2021
Participating Team: Karim Taher, Marcus Rigler, Janna Langerbeins, Max Wolfarth

Rotterdam/Carleton University International Case Competition *Winner of Competition*

Rotterdam, Netherlands – November 2020
Participating Team: Moritz Kolarik, Ayelen de Wit, Matvei Fatin, Keisha Mathews


Porto International Case Competition 

Porto, Portugal – November 2020
Participating Team: Adrian Sommerkamp, Nargiz Najaf, Djovan Hendriks, Luis Spano


IE BBA Business Challenge 2020 *Winner of Competition*

RSM Article on Win here
Madrid, Spain – February 2020
Participating Team: Alexander Rasche, Maximilian Meisel, Vincent Jahn, Malte Gocha

Heavener International Case Competition 2020
Florida, United States – February 2020
Participating Team: Djovan Hendriks, William Buttler, Nick Wilkening, Adrian Sommerkamp

John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition 2020
Montreal, Canada – February 2020
Participating Team: Chloe Fleury, Saleh Dadkhahipour, Yannik Peled, Florian Dohmen

See more past competitions

Central European Case Competition (Online) 2020 *Winner of Short Case*
Budapest, Hungary – April 2020
Participating Team: Moritz Kolarik, Kate Kapusniak, Chloe Fleury, Djovan Hendriks

RSM STAR Case Competition (Online) 2020
Rotterdam, The Netherlands – April 2020
Participating Team: Moritz Kolarik, Kate Kapusniak, Chloe Fleury, Djovan Hendriks

CBS Case Competition 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2020
Participating Team: Janna Langerbeins, Ayelen de Wit, Felix Bracht, Karim Taher

UW Global Business Case Competition 2019
Seattle, USA – April 2019
Participating Team: Jona Duken, Olivier Van Dijk, Artus Assmann & Elisa Vlajcic

Belgrade Business International Case Competition 2019
Belgrade, Serbia – April 2019
Participating Team: Conrad Schoo, Saleh Dadkhahipour, Lennart Falkenberg & Alexandre Viana

SICC 2019
London, Canada – March 2019
Participating Team: Ron Koppers, Philip Klein, Assel Zhumatayeva & William Butler

Marshall International Case Competition 2019
Los Angeles, California – February 2019
Participating Team: Conrad Schoo, Nick Wilkening, Thomas Rytter & Florian Dohmen

IE BBA Case Competition 2019
Madrid and Segovia, Spain – February 2019
Participating (Winning) Team: Saleh Dadkhahipour, Chloe Fleury, Luca La Porta & Mate Pocs

Münster Case Challenge 2018
Münster, Germany – November 2018
Participating Team: Saleh Dadkhahipour, Elisa Vlajcic, James Persee & Florian Dohmen

TUBC 2018
Bangkok, Thailand – October 2018
Participating Team: Lennart Falkenberg, Gloria Marin, Hanna van Velzen & Alexandre Viana

CIBCC 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 2018
Participating Team: Hanna van Velzen, Stef Koedijk, Conrad Schoo & Henry Koopman

The Peak Time  2018
Riga, Latvia – April 2018
Participating (Winning) Team: Ron Koppers, Gloria Marin, Benedikt Jurges & Octavio Mota

RSM STAR Case Competition 2018
Rotterdam, Netherlands – April 2018
Participating Team: Simon Måtar, Alexandre Viana, Assel Zhumatayeva & Johann Eversley

SICC 2018
Ivey Business School, Canada – March 2018
Participating Team: Adam Moth, Julia Janse, Lennart Falkenberg & Patricia Adan

IIBD 2017
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong – October 2017
Participating (Winning) Team: Adam Moth, Basile Rohrlich, Ben Reinitzer & Simon Måtar

RICC 2017
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands – November 2018
Participating Team: Hanna van Velzen, Jona Duken, Julia Janse & Stella Behrmann

GBCC 2017
Seattle Foster School of Business, The United States – April 2017
Participating Team: Alex Teteryatnikov, Celine Ver, Pier Coppola & Tobias Seemann

Global Case Competition Harvard 2017
Harvard Business School, The United States – April 2017
Participating Team: Jesse Van Os, Elena Liu, Andy Alikberov, Anastasia Tupitsyna & Lorenzo Pimpinella

SICC 2017
Ivey Business School, Canada – March 2017
Participating Team: Sasha Tomalak, Letty Huang, Benedikt Jurges & Octavio Mota

Asian Business Case Competition 2016
Singapore, Singapore – August 2016
Participating Team: Marco Barbato, Sara Mobarhani, Shourya Rane & Julia Jäger

The Peak Time  2016
Riga, Latvia – April 2016
Participating Team: Gustavs Upmanis, Elena Liu, Letty Huang & Anastasia Tupitsyna

CBS Case Competition 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2016
Participating Team: Lukas Pfaffernoschke, Sem de Koning, Benjamin Witting & Žygimantas Krupskis

CIBCC 2015 – Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition
Koh Samui, Thailand – May 2015
Participating Team: Julian Pickartz, Alexander Smits van Oyen, Kimberly van Tongeren & Oskar Ziegler

RSM STAR Case Competition 2015
Rotterdam, the Netherlands – April 2015
Participating Team: Marc Glawogger, Alicia Kortenoever, Julian Pickartz & Alexander Boyko

CBS Case Competition 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark – February 2015
Participating Team: Dennis Coppens, Alexander Smits van Oyen, André Feldhuis & Oskar Ziegler

Queen’s Case Competition 2015
Kingston, Canada – January 2015
Participating Team: Yenal Ersen & Sem de Koning

CIBCC 2014 – Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition
Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 2014
Participating (Winning) Team: Nathalie Lidman, Carsten Paßlick, Sebastiaan Scholtes & Jan Wallner

Our Partners:

Case Competition Partners: 

Case competition partners provide insightful business cases that are solved by 16 international teams during RSMCC

Ikea – Case Competition Partner 2022
Domino’s – Case Competition Partner 2022
Coca Cola – Case Competition Partner 2023
Heineken – Case Competition Partner 2023
Römheld & Moelle – CASTFAST

Career Partners: 

Career Partners provide trainings, workshops and opportunities to RSM STAR Case Club members to grow and develop their skills

Porsche Consulting – Career Partner
BCG – Career Partner
Kearney – Career Partner
Ommax – Career Partner

RSM STAR Case Competition

The RSM STAR Case Club board also organizes our home competition: the RSM STAR Case Competition. The RSMCC is a unique opportunity for sixteen teams from top business schools worldwide to compete with each other by presenting their solutions to real-life business cases. Each university is represented by a team of four talented undergraduate students.

For more info on the RSMSTARCC, please click here.

For Members

The RSM STAR Case Club recruits and develops ambitious RSM students to become professional case solvers and consult corporate partners. Working with leading consultancies and professors, we host bi-weekly case-solving contests that prepare our members to compete at international case competitions.

For our members, we provide a two-month case-solving curriculum complemented with invaluable experience from consultants and industry experts (see infographic on the right).

If you are interested in joining the RSM STAR Case Club, keep an eye out for our biannual application periods. Our main application period is held in September, followed by a small-scale application round in January.

Stay tuned via our LinkedIn page here!

For Companies

The RSM STAR Case Club attempts to marry academic theory and practical exercise by training its members to become expert case solvers and at the same time organize our own prestigious case competition (RSMCC). In order to do so, we partner with high-profile companies to educate our members through gaining a real-life insight.

As a partner of the RSM STAR Case Club you have the opportunity to expose your brand and get in contact with RSM’s most ambitious business students. You can do this by training our members, judging case days, and forming part of our internal case competitions.

Additionally, you can partake in the RSM STAR Case Competition (RSMCC), which the RSM STAR Case Club organizes. This large event is a great opportunity for your company to obtain solutions to corporate problems you might be facing. These solutions are developed by 16 different teams from the best business universities worldwide.

Please reach out to or for more information


In this section we answer the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not here? Reach out, we are happy to help you!

What is case solving?
Good question!

Cases are documents written by professors or company professionals that detail a problem that a certain public organization or private company is encountering. The topics we address in our case-solving days, and are exposed to in competitions, range from finance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and from marketing to digital innovation. Cases are typically solved in teams of 4 students, in a limited amount of time, and are presented to and judged by a panel of academic staff, consultants and industry professionals.

How can I become a Case Club member?
Are you looking for a true extracurricular challenge? Then you should be applying to become a member of the RSM STAR Case Club.

With training from celebrated professors and professionals from real consulting companies, the RSM STAR Case Club provides insight, practical experience, and develops holistic thinking skills not learned in the classroom. We are looking for the best and brightest minds to join our team of dedicated case-solvers. If you can demonstrate an aptitude for academic excellence (GPA > 7.5), and a strong interest in case solving, then we encourage you to apply!

The new recruitment period opens September 4th and closes September 12th!

If you are interested, you can apply as a case solver directly through this website:

What are the differences between the three entities; Incoming Committee, Outgoing Committee and Executive Board?
As the previously known Case Society and Case Competition are now merged into the Case Club, the new board is now larger and includes three different sections. Firstly, the incoming committee focuses on organizing the home competition: RSM STAR Case Competition. Secondly, the outgoing committee focuses on training/developing our case solvers, and preparing our members to compete abroad. Thirdly, the Executive Board oversees both the incoming and outgoing committee.



RSM STAR Case Club Board of 2023-2024:

Member Board Position
Laurenz Gelbmann Executive Board Chairman
Henrik Simon Executive Board Treasurer
Emilie Vassaux Executive Board Marketing & Recruitment
Anton Bartolomaus Outgoing Committee Commercial
Eric Bull Incoming Committee Commercial
Maya Boudier Incoming Committee Communication & Buddies
Filippa Laurelii Incoming Committee Program
Frederik Hausler  Incoming Committee Events
Finja Berndt Outgoing Committee Competition Manager
Anouk Van Der Linden Outgoing Committee Events
Valentino Mollard Outgoing Committee Training & Development