Connecting our alumni

We highly value our alumni relations and therefore we try to bring back that ‘old feeling’ during the special events we organise, such as the yearly Predecessor Dinner, our New Years Drink and of course the highlight of the year: Night with the STARs.

As an alumnus of STAR or Sviib, you are part of an interesting widespread community. This website is meant to serve as a platform for this community with information on activities and services for alumni. You will find all information on interesting upcoming alumni events, you will be able to reconnect with fellow alumni and you will be able to bring back good memories by viewing pictures of your particular year within STAR or Sviib or of course of past alumni events.

We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our future alumni events.


Want to know who is coming to the Predecessors dinner?

Board year Attendants
1995-1996 Rogier van Driessche, Yme Bosma
2001-2002 Folkert Eggink, Susan van der Plas
2005-2006 Stefan van Eerde, Marit van der Heijden, Gerard Drost, Guido van der Ven
2006-2007 Marcel Duits
2007-2008 Bart van Muijen
2010-2011 Djordy Seelmann, Roeland Stolker, Niels van Deuren, Maarten de Smit, Ellen Dekker
2012-2013 Remco van der Matten, Joël van Gilst, Babette van Dinten, Tom Reijnen
2013-2014 Floris Wesselink, Laura Hendrickx, Mathew Dibble, Michelle Groenendijk, Bas Louwman, Sterre Swen, Kirsten Parren
2014-2015  Robbert Brouwer, Marieke Struijk, Friso Roscam Abbing
2015-2016                        Sander Ouwejan, Danique Rook, Okke Essing, Stijn Oude Elferink, Jeroen Bravenboer, Suzanne Bickes, Liselotte Borstlap, Joep Beliën, Daniel Bos

Discover our events

Every year the STAR Alumni Association organises several events, enabling you to stay in touch with old acquaintances, rekindle old memories and much more. The event portfolio is a balanced mix between old traditions such as the Predecessor Dinner and new special events such as the New Years Drink, and the annual pinnacle event: Night with the STARs.

New Years Drink

A yearly recurring drink in Amsterdam to ring in the new year with your old STAR/Sviib friends and look forward to a new and exciting year! Takes place the third Friday of January every year.

Friday 20 January 2017

Night With the STARs

This fun event, is something that former fulltime active members looks forward to. With the sun out and shining, the beer and the barbeque taste even better. Takes place on the Wednesday before Ascension every year.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Predecessor Dinner

The STAR/Sviib Predecessors Dinner is a yearly tradition in which the new board organises a dinner for the honorary boards. It is an event where new meets "old" and the perfect setting to rekindle old memories with your fellow-board members. Takes place the third Friday of September every year.

Friday 23 September 2016

Alumni Board 2016-2017

The STAR Alumni Board consists of seven dedicated former board members, trying to strengthen and expand the STAR alumni network, by creating mutual benefits for STAR and its alumni. The STAR Alumni Board is responsible for all alumni related activities within the organisation.

Alumni Board members of 2016-2017:

Member Position
Suzanne Bickes Chairman STAR Board 15-16
Liselotte Borstlap Brand Manager STAR Board 15-16
Robbert Brouwer Chairman STAR Board 14-15
Jesper Drenthen Chairman ERD 12-13
Julie Geelen Chairman STAR Board 16-17
Michelle Groenendijk Human Resources STAR Board 13-14
Mirna Steur Brand Manager STAR Board 12-13