Development and Academic Support

What does STAR do to help you in your academic development?

The Development and Academic Support pillar in one of the three pillars of STAR and via this pillar we offer students access to various study materials such as books, summaries and planning tools. Furthermore, we enable students to develop themselves both personally and professionally by offering trainings in diverse fields and projects like the RSM STAR Case Club and the STAR Erasmus Consulting. We also aim to inspire students through seminars like the Speaker Series and Honorary Discussions and offer Study Trips to destinations all over the world.

Upcoming academic events

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Our academic orientated flagships

First-year Block 4 overview

Want to prepare for the next block? STAR has got you covered! We have created an overview of all your deadlines and exams of the upcoming block! You can download it, or pick it up for free at our office.

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Bachelor track quiz

Are you wondering which bachelor track suits you best? Fill in the Track Quiz now!

A track is part of the new bachelor curriculum and will take place during the third year of the bachelor. This track quiz can help you to make the right choice for the track you will follow in the next academic year. 

The five tracks that will be offered:

  • Track 1: Analytical decision-makers
  • Track 2: Performance analysts
  • Track 3: Behavioural experts
  • Track 4: Global thinkers
  • Track 5: Business developers

For more information about the tracks click here!

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Want to try case solving yourself?

  • RET Case Solution A - Executive Summary
  • RET Case Solution B - Executive Summary
  • RET Case Solution C - Executive Summary

Master Programme Information

  • Meet the Masters General Powerpoint


We would like to get in touch with you about our academic efforts. Or if you have any questions. Feel free to contact Anouk van Balen, our Secretary.

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