Being sustainable at STAR

STAR's Societal Impact and Sustainability Effort

Acting more sustainable is fundamental for STAR. On this page you can find out more information on our various sustainability efforts. These are concentrated around three pillars: reducing environmental impact; promoting inclusion; and sourcing responsibly.

Sustainability Pillars

Reduce Environmental Impact

STAR offers her members the opportunity to compensate CO2 on all flights. Next to this, we aim to reduce and responsibly dispose of the waste we create. Whenever possible, we always opt for the most sustainable option.

Promote Inclusion

Everyone at STAR is able to be who they are and express themselves in the way they want to. Previously, this initiative was known as STAR Pride.

Source Responsibly

Responsibly source food and materials, used during our activities and at our office. In all the events we organize we offer a meat-free option by default, unless individual members opt for a food-option that includes meat. During drinks and other social activities, we aim to offer at least 50% of all snacks as a vegetarian option.

STAR’s Sustainable Standards

In everything we do, we aim to be sustainable. To ensure this effort is realizable STAR has designed the nine “STAR Sustainable Standards”, which must be taken into account for every single event we organize.

  1. We do not purchase single use plastic products – SDG 12
  2. We offer all committees the opportunity to organise sustainable initiatives, funded by our internal Sustainability Fund
  3. We offer all MSCs and fulltime committees the opportunity to organise activities with NGO’s, at a cost-based rate – SDG 17
  4. Everyone is equal at STAR, no matter your race, sex, sexual orientation or disability – SDG 5
  5. We evaluate all merchandise/goodies on use and environmental impact – SDG 12
  6. We attempt to limit printing. If we print, we use FSC paper – SDG 12
  7. Meatless is the default. We do, however, provide students with the option to choose meat – SDG 12 
  8. We provide students with the option to compensate the CO2 emissions of their flight (in collaboration with Corekees)
  9. We encourage the organisation of inspirational events that incorporate sustainability
These Standards were designed based on the Sustainability and Societal Impact Checklist. This checklist can be downloaded here and offers an insight into the different aspects and focus areas of sustainability within STAR.

Download the checklist

STAR Sustainability Fund

STAR offers a sustainability for all committees and MSCs which can be used to promote sustainability in their events.

  • The fund can be applied for by all STAR Active Members
  • The monetary reward can either be used to make an event more sustainable or to be rewarded for the sustainable nature of an event
  • We actively engage with our active members, to promote the optimal usage of the fund.
  • Example of fund grants include; sustainable drinking cups, visiting NGOs, and travelling by train instead of plane.

RSM STAR Sustainability Forum

The sustainable agenda has forced business into a revolutionary period, with the call to re-engineer our business structures, strategies and stance towards sustainability.

RSM STAR Sustainability Forum is an annual event organized by STAR and RSM focusing on inspiring RSM students to be a force for positive change.

Our efforts and partners

Next to our consistent and broad approach, we also organize events and enter partnership that are centered around sustainability.


  • JINC, together with JINC, our societal mainpartner, we help school children in underprivileged neighbourhoods to get the education and career opportunities they deserve.
  • Corekees, together we allow all of trip participants to compensate the CO2 they exhaust when travelling with STAR.

Do you want to get to know our sustainable partner, Corekees, better? Take a look at these short videos (1 min.) and find out what Corekees does and why they do this!

Contact us if you have any questions

We would like to get in touch with you about our sustainability efforts. Feel free to contact Thom van Dalen, our sustainability manager.

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