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Social life at STAR

STAR knows that to get the most out of your student life, you want to meet new people and make friends for life! We are here to help you with that. STAR organises dozens of social events every year. From huge parties in the city to weekly drinks at our favourite bar, and from study trips to foreign countries to introduction weekends in the Netherlands: there is something fun for everyone!

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Social pillar within STAR

The social pillar of STAR contains all the activities STAR organizes to enrich the social life of its members. Not only do we organize, every year, the Opening Party in September and the Closing Party of the STAR Management Week in November. We also organize various smaller events like after exam drinks, BBQs, New Years Party and many more! Members are always welcome to join our weekly drinks on Wednesday as well! In this way, we offer RSM students the opportunity to get to know each other.

In special we have our Lustrum year! That means we celebrate our 45th anniversary of the study association. For the active members we have Active Members Weekend and Active Members Gala in a Lustrum Edition. For all our members, we have the STAR Lustrum Week in May!

Everyone is welcome at our office (Mandeville T4-53) for a chat or at our weekly drinks at het Witte Huis every Wednesday!

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Within STAR we aim to organize the best events for you. In order to do so, we would love your feedback or any suggestions you have for us. Please fill in this for in order to do so!

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