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Join one of our committees and become an Active Member at Europe’s largest Study Association! STAR offers multiple projects in which students can participate or which they can realize. Working in a team with fellow students to organize great events is a challenge you will not forget. Besides the experience it is the perfect opportunity for extracurricular development and making new friends.

New recruitment starts in April

More info about going full-time at STAR?

Joining a full-time committee offers many benefits! Schedule a coffee with us to discuss how the SMW could enrich your life. Did you, for example, know that you can be financially compensated for a full-time year?

Contact us for more (first-hand) information.

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Joining a committee at STAR has many benefits, such as:

  • Develop yourself
  • Gain useful practical experience
  • Build a social network with your peers
  • General STAR Active Member benefits like weekly social drinks, Active Members weekends and many training opportunities

The Positions

Each committee and team consists of multiple functions. Below you can find information about these diverse functions and see which one fits you best!


The leader, motivator, supporter and coordinator of the project. It is a diverse function requiring strong communication skills and a sense of responsibility. Next to that, the chairman is responsible for the committee’s budget.


The sales person of the project. Supplying the project with all financial input and resources needed to fund the project will be your responsibility.


The creative brain of the committee. Market you project and communicate it to all participants, students, companies and other stakeholders will be your tasks.


The planner of the project. It is all about organizing, making schedules as well as supporting your fellow committees to make sure everything is done at the right time and place.

How to apply?

It is time to challenge yourself and apply for a committee at STAR! Find out which steps you should take to become an Active Member at this page.

1. Find out which committee or team fits you best!
  • Come to one of our Recruitment Drinks.
  • Step by at the STAR office (T4-53)
  • Schedule a coffee with us
  • Need more information? Send an e-mail to
2. Apply online

Applying for a committee is really easy! You can apply online through by filling in your details.

3. Interview rounds

We will schedule an interview with you to get to know you a little better.

4. Congratulations!

If you applied for a committee, we will call you during the weeks after the Recruitment Period to inform whether you are selected or not.

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