About STAR

STAR is the study association of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). With more than 6,500 members, STAR is Europe’s largest student ruled study association and above all the most active and professional study association in the Netherlands. Each year, about 250 dedicated active members organize STAR projects that reach thousands of students.

STAR’s mission is to enrich RSM student life. This mission is facilitated by the great amount of activities that are organized by numerous Bachelor committees and Master Study Clubs. The Active Members form a base which is underpinned with three pillars: Career start support, Development and Academic Support, Social Interaction

Our History

Founded in 1977 with the focus to enrich the lives of RSM Students.

Our history
The 43rd STAR Board

Meet our board

The 43rd STAR Board consists out of nine dedicated students, ready to get the most out of this year. The STAR Board is responsible for heading the association on a daily basis. Together with more than 270 active members, we are responsible for organizing around 57 projects each year.

Our Mission

STAR’s mission and reason for existence is:

“To enrich the life of RSM students”

Our mission is supported by three different pillars: “Career start support”, “Development and Academic Support”, and “Social Interaction”. Moreover, these three different pillars are supported by two common pillars, namely: “Societal Impact & Sustainability” and “Active Members and their Personal & Professional Development”.

Our Values

 STAR is a playground for your future.

We believe in every individual‘s unique qualities and development opportunities. Active members at STAR have the freedom and responsibility to take ownership over their events, try new ideas and deliver creative solutions together.


   We challenge each other today, to be better tomorrow.

Only together you can really grow. That’s why it is important to challenge your fellow team members and challenge STAR, all with the aim to keep improving our projects and develop yourself.


   Fun is the fundament of our teams.

By having fun together with your team, STAR has become the lively association it is today. Participating in social activities is the ideal way of getting to know your team better, and improving team results.


   We put the student in the center of everything we do.

With all the decisions we make, our most question is; what do RSM students want and what is the added value for RSM students? Therefore, will all we do our focus revolves around our mission to ‘Enrich RSM student life’.


   Act as a force for positive change.

Besides focusing on enriching student life in general, we also aspire to contribute to the local environment and society we live in, with our events.


Our 3 Pillars

Career Start Support

The Career Support pillar focuses on providing RSM students with all the career orientation, career preparation and training they need to be successful in the business world. With offline recruitment orientation during the STAR Management week, the Erasmus Recruitment Days, and other separate events organized throughout the year to bring students and companies together. During the whole year, STAR provides online career orientation on the Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

Development and Academic Support

STAR also supports RSM students in their academic endeavours. We offer students access to various study materials such as books, summaries and tutoring. Furthermore, we enable students to develop themselves both personally and professionally by offering trainings in diverse fields and projects like the RSM Case Society, RSM Case Competition and the STAR Erasmus Consulting. We also aim to inspire students through seminars like the Speaker Series and Honorary Discussions and offer Study Trips to destinations all over the world.

Social Interaction

The social pillar of STAR contains all the activities STAR organizes to enrich the social life of its members. Not only did we organize the Opening Party in September and the closing party of the SMW in November. We also organize various smaller events like after exam drinks, BBQs, the Women’s Day and many more! Members are always welcome to join our weekly drinks as well! In this way, we offer RSM students the opportunity to get to know each other.

Reports & Documents

  • Agenda General Assembly of Members 16-09-2020
  • Minutes General Assembly of Members 29-04-2020
  • Agenda General Assembly of Members 29-04-2020
  • Minutes General Assembly of Members 18-09-2019
  • Minutes General Assembly of Members 20-03-2019
  • Minutes General Assembly of Members 19-09-2018
  • Compensation Policy

Supervisory Board

About the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) is a controlling and advisory organization whose primary function is to safeguard the mid- and long-term policies of STAR.

This forum consists mostly of previous board members who provide advice and feedback on (new) plans, operational and/or tactical issues of the board. Due to their previous board and professional experience, the Supervisory Board maintains a critical view of the organization and its events and makes sure that well-considered decisions are made.

Supervisory Board members of 2020-2021:

Member Position
Léon Hartkoorn Treasurer STAR Board 17-18
Danique Rook Project Manager Master  STAR Board 15-16
Davey van Gilst Commercial Relations Manager STAR Board 16-17
Max van Soest Information Processes Manager STAR Board 16-17
Bas van Leeuwen Brand Manager STAR Board 18-19
Bodine Daams Chairman Erasmus Recruitment Days 16-17
Enzo Neefjes Studytrip Coordinator MSC Finance and Investment 16-17
Mark Wolfert Chairman Race of the Classics 15-16
Lars van Straaten Information Processes Manager STAR Board 19-20
Simon van Heijst Commercial Relations Manager STAR Board 18-19
Daphne Slingerland Project Manager Career STAR Board 18-19
Okke Bergers Program Eureka Week Committee 15-16

Verification Committee

About the Verification Committee

The Verification Committee consists out of former Treasurers and people with experience in accounting or committee guidance. The VeriCo members take care of several tasks.

Due to their experience within the organization they can provide the current Treasurer with information, advice on financial decisions, and assure the continuity of different financial rules and consistent administration. Therefore, the Verico has both an advisory as well as a verifying (controlling) role.

Verification Committee members of 2020-2021:

Member Position
Astrid van der Zanden Project Manager Master STAR Board 17-18
Lars van Boom Treasurer STAR Board 18-19
Per Kamerman Information Processes Manager STAR Board 17-18
Michiel Colijn Treasurer STAR Board 19-20
Tristan Boer Project Manager Master STAR Board 19-20
Jasmijn Bolhuis Treasurer STAR Management Week 2019

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